NFL Week 5 Over/Under Projections

NFL Week 5 Over/Under Projections

Who else loved the shoot out at between the Bucs and Rams? Only if there was more NFL football like that every week. Are there any games on NFL Week 5 betting slate that are projected to duplicate last week’s high-scoring theatrics from the Coliseum?

NFL Week 5 Over/Under Projections

L.A. Rams at Seattle Seahawks: 45

Tampa Bay scored 55 points against the L.A. Rams in Week 4. The Rams put up 40. That game got out of hand, which means we shouldn’t expect the same scoring output from LAR in this matchup. One thing we can expect is for the Seahawks to take what the Rams’ defense gives them. That won’t be much.

This matchup should be a dawdling contest with both teams trying to establish the run and taking their time with every down. They’ll be too afraid of not eating up the clock in this matchup. Expect a 20-10, 21-17 type game.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New Orleans Saints: 47 ½

Jameis Winston won’t light up the Saints’ secondary the way he did the Rams’ secondary. More importantly, New Orleans quarterback Teddy Bridgewater forces you to play his style. What’s Teddy’s style? He likes to hand the ball off, take up the full 25-second clock, and make short passes for 3.5 to 5 yards. Bridgewater might be the most patient quarterback in the NFL. This one should easily go under.

Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers: 42 ½

Ravens have one way to go, score, baby, score! Just because the defense had trouble against the Browns, we shouldn’t expect Lamar Jackson and company to not try to move the ball quickly and rack up touchdowns. Pittsburgh’s defense should have a terrible time keeping Lamar and his mates from scoring close to 30. On offense, the Steelers will loosen Mason Rudolph’s leash. The Steelers will have to throw the ball if they hope to keep up with the Ravens. That means, we’re going over.

Jacksonville Jaguars at Carolina Panthers: 41

Carolina’s defense shut down the Houston Texans in Week 4. The Jacksonville Jaguars’ skill players aren’t close to being as talented as Houston’s. It’s tough to see this one going over. But, Carolina can move the football with Kyle Allen at quarterback. The Panthers should score at least 28, which makes this an over game.

Denver Broncos at L.A. Chargers: 43 ½

We’d think this would go over, but the Broncos only average 17.5 points per game. This should be one of those 24-10 battles with LAC quickly covering as the home favorite, but the two squads not getting close to going over the total. That’s the way to play it. Under with the Chargers blowing out the Broncos. Sounds like a sweet parlay, right?

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