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2014 Stanley Cup Finals Odds Update

UPDATE: The 2014 NHL Stanley Cup finals are set. New York Rangers (+130) Vs. Los Angeles Kings (+150). Click here for more info.

Let’s face facts before getting to the latest 2014 Stanley Cup Finals odds update. The last four champions are the best teams to bet on bar none. The only other team worth taking a chance on is the Montreal Canadiens, who are engaged in a bitter war with their most hated rivals. Carey Price has been outstanding but has looked relatively shaky at the end of games. I don’t totally trust him just yet.

The latest 2014 Stanley Cup Finals odds update includes bets on the actual matchup itself. Basically, it’s a double edged bet on the conference champions. Let’s take a look at some of these perspective matchups.

Recent Stanley Cup Champs Payout About 4-to-1 On Bets

This would be the Blackhawks or Kings against the Penguins or Bruins. Any combination of these four teams pays between +400 and +500 I the latest 2014 Stanley Cup Finals odds update. While the Penguins-Blackhawks would be the most desirable from a hockey standpoint because of all the mega star power, the matchup I want to see is the Kings-Bruins.

That matchup not only pays out +450 if it materializes, it would also create another awesome chapter in the Boston-LA rivalry. The two teams also have intensely contrasting styles and two of the best playoff goalies playing in the NHL today.

Either way, hedging on any of the recent Stanley Cup Champions to meet in the playoffs pays off pretty well. You’d be well served with a heavy play on just one of the matchups if you want to spread your money around on the latest 2014 Stanley Cup Finals odds update. I prefer Kings-Bruins, Pens-Hawks and Bruins-Hawks in that order.

Don’t Count Out The Canadiens

Probably the most dangerous team in the east is Montreal, which is pushing Boston around pretty heavily. I believe in what I said earlier about Price and I’m not thoroughly convinced that he has the closing power in the playoffs yet. But he was the Team Canada goalie as well and has constantly bailed his team out of trouble when they’ve needed him most.

A Habs-Hawks series would pay you +700 while a clash with the Kings would notch a +750 profit. There is no “dark horse” that’s worth betting on outside of the Canadiens either. The Rangers don’t have the chemistry, the Wild can’t score and the Ducks have no depth. If you’re going to take a risk on any team, it’s Montreal at around 7-to-1 against either the Kings or the Blackhawks in the latest 2014 Stanley Cup Finals odds update.

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