2016-17 Stanley Cup Picks

2016-17 Stanley Cup Picks

Updated Stanley Cup odds are out. Who is the favorite to win Lord Stanley’s Cup in 2017? Who do I like as my smart bet to take home the hardware?  Is there a longshot worth taking a stab on to hoist the Cup?  Keep reading for my favorite, smart and longshot betting picks to win the 2017 Stanley Cup!

Odds-On Favorite Pick To Win The Stanley Cup: Chicago Blackhawks 6/1

The Blackhawks have remained favorites to win the Stanley Cup since betting opened earlier this year. Even though the Blackhawks lost in 7 games to St. Louis in the 2016 NHL Playoffs, there are many who believe that Chicago should bounce back to their 2015 where they took down the Tampa Bay Lightning in 6 games in the Stanley Cup Finals.

Patrick Kane, Jonathan Towes and Duncan Keith are all back. That’s the positive. The negative is that the Blackhawks lost Andrew Shaw, a top right-wing that Chicago didn’t necessarily want to lose. They did get defenseman Brian Campbell back. He’s 37-years old. Will he hold up for the entire season? Chicago has every right to be the favorite, but it’s tough to back the Blackhawks at the low 6 to 1 odds.

The Smart Pick To Win The Stanley Cup:  San Jose Sharks 14/1

Their top 6 scorers are all over 30. Sure, that could be a problem. But it wasn’t a problem last season as Peter DeBoer managed the senior sets’ minutes perfectly in order to have a fresh team going into the playoffs. I expect DeBoer to do the same thing this season. Not only that but I absolutely love goalie Martin Jones. I also think that young players like Tomas Hertl and Logan Couture step it up.

The real reason I love this team, in addition to the 14 to 1 overlay odds, is DeBoer’s management skills. DeBoer knows exactly what he’s got on both offense and defense. He plays the long game better than any other head coach in NHL. Now that the Sharks have gotten to a Stanley Cup Final, I expect them to do enough to win one.    

The Longshot Pick To Win The Stanley Cup:  New York Islanders 30/1

It’s tough to find a longshot that has a chance to win the Stanley Cup in 2017. I settled on the New York Islanders after seeing their improvement last season. There’s a big question as to whether or not the Islanders’ offense will be as good without Kyle Okposo who was second on the team with 64 points behind Jonathan Tavares.

That’s why the Islanders are a 30 to 1 longshot, right?  Goalie Jaroslav Halak is as solid as they get. He was injured for most of last season. A healthy Halak should help the defense while young wing Andrew Ladd could take the next step into NHL stardom. I think NYI is worth it at the 30 to 1. 

2016-17 Stanley Cup futures odds

Odds as of Sept. 5.

2016-17 Stanley Cup Odds
Chicago Blackhawks 6-1 6-1
Tampa Bay Lightning 12-1 7-1
Pittsburgh Penguins 8-1 8-1
Washington Capitals 8-1 8-1
Dallas Stars 12-1 12-1
Anaheim Ducks 12-1 12-1
Los Angeles Kings 12-1 12-1
San Jose Sharks 12-1 14-1
Montreal Canadiens 14-1 16-1
Nashville Predators 25-1 18-1
Florida Panthers 14-1 20-1
Edmonton Oilers 30-1 20-1
St. Louis Blues 14-1 25-1
Minnesota Wild 20-1 25-1
New York Rangers 25-1 25-1
Boston Bruins 30-1 30-1
New York Islanders 30-1 30-1
Philadelphia Flyers 40-1 30-1
Columbus Blue Jackets 30-1 40-1
Detroit Red Wings 40-1 40-1
Calgary Flames 60-1 60-1
Buffalo Sabres 80-1 60-1
Ottawa Senators 50-1 60-1
Colorado Avalanche 60-1 60-1
Toronto Maple Leafs 100-1 60-1
New Jersey Devils 100-1 80-1
Winnipeg Jets 60-1 80-1
Arizona Coyotes 80-1 100-1
Vancouver Canucks 100-1 100-1
Carolina Hurricanes 100-1 200-1
2016-17 NHL Eastern Conference Odds
Pittsburgh Penguins 7-2 15-4
Washington Capitals 7-2 15-4
Tampa Bay Lightning 5-1 7-2
Montreal Canadiens 7-1 7-1
Florida Panthers 7-1 10-1
New York Rangers 12-1 12-1
New York Islanders 15-1 15-1
Boston Bruins 15-1 15-1
Philadelphia Flyers 20-1 15-1
Columbus Blue Jackets 15-1 20-1
Detroit Red Wings 20-1 20-1
Buffalo Sabres 40-1 30-1
Ottawa Senators 25-1 30-1
Toronto Maple Leafs 50-1 30-1
New Jersey Devils 50-1 40-1
Carolina Hurricanes 50-1 100-1
2016-17 NHL Western Conference Odds
Chicago Blackhawks 11-4 5-2
Dallas Stars 6-1 11-2
Anaheim Ducks 6-1 11-2
Los Angeles Kings 6-1 11-2
San Jose Sharks 6-1 7-1
Nashville Predators 12-1 9-1
Edmonton Oilers 15-1 10-1
St. Louis Blues 7-1 12-1
Minnesota Wild 10-1 12-1
Calgary Flames 30-1 30-1
Colorado Avalanche 30-1 30-1
Arizona Coyotes 40-1 40-1
Winnipeg Jets 30-1 50-1
Vancouver Canucks 50-1 50-1


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