The Best Stanley Cup Underdog Odds To Bet On

The Best Stanley Cup Underdog Odds To Bet On

One of the most attractive reasons to attack the NHL futures board is finding the best Stanley Cup underdog odds to bet on, because as we all know, nothing is guaranteed in a seven game series. Hockey is different than the other major sports when it comes to the playoffs. Momentum is a relentless behemoth that can stand by a team or abandon it in a heart beat. Seeding is generally tossed out the window. Boston is obviously the favorite to win at +380, but even the smartest gambler knows that it’s hard to feel comfortable with the obvious choice.

Playoff hockey is unforgiving, unpredictable and immune to your advanced metrics.

That’s part of what makes it awesome.

Notice another thing about the odds: the NBA Championship futures have the Bobcats at +27500. Twenty-seven thousand! The highest number in the NHL futures is +5500 on Dallas. That’s how strange hockey can be and why finding the best Stanley Cup underdog odds to bet on is a worthwhile quest.

The Best Stanley Cup Underdog Odds To Bet On

Odds On The Tampa Bay Lightning To Win the Stanley Cup are +2400

Everything has gone wrong for Tampa Bay down the home stretch. Maybe it’s the inevitable karma for trading away franchise stalwarts like Vincent Lecavlier and Martin St. Louis. Maybe it’s just bad luck. Or maybe the hockey gods just hate the idea of hockey in St. Petersburg. Either way, the odds here are what they are for a lot of reasons.

The most notable is that starting goalie Ben Bishop is injured and is probably out for the balance of the playoffs. That puts Anders Lindback in net and if you don’t know who that is then don’t feel bad. But that makes Lindback the most likely candidate to be the Out Of Nowhere Goalie Who Just Won’t Stop Standing On His Head.

I know that seems like a truly asinine reason to tout a team with some of the best Stanley Cup underdog odds to bet on, but everything has gone so badly for Tampa heading in to the playoffs that they’re bound for some dumb luck by now. It’s worth an initial investment to start off with, which you can pad in later rounds as you build confidence around the Lightning. There’s still a lot here to make Tampa Bay an enticing play, especially with Stamkos storming through at full health.

Odds On The Philadelphia FlyersTo Win the Stanley Cup are +2600

The Flyers probably have the best Stanley Cup underdog odds to bet on in the NHL futures because of who they are. They’re a dynamic, physical and hard working team that can absolutely impose their will on you. I like every player on this team and they have routinely showed up in the playoffs ready to rumble. Playing physical is one of the qualities of a great playoff hockey team, and Philadelphia fits that bill.

Of course, one of the reasons to steer clear of Philly is the fact that they routinely find themselves in the penalty box and usually beat the crap out of themselves to such a degree that they can’t maintain a high level of output throughout the post season. But in terms of going toe-to-toe with the best in the conference – the Boston Bruins – the Flyers are one of the most well equipped. They just have to get there.

Odds On TheMinnesota Wild To Win the Stanley Cup are +5000

It’s hard to see Minnesota getting past Colorado in the first round because the Avalanche have been…uh…avalanching so hard lately. Did you know that the Avs are 34-0-2 SU when they’re leading after two periods? Yikes. That’s discipline.

So why bother with the Wild here? Because they’re a great defensive team and they have a lunatic between the pipes with Ilya Bryzgalov who just might be crazy enough to think he’s the best goalie in the universe. Breeze is also protected by a stout defensive front led by Ryan Suter and the Wild don’t allow a lot of shots (just 27.5 per game, 5th in the NHL). Stopping goals and preventing shots is half the battle in a hockey game. True story.

Their offence isn’t great, but that’s kind of the point of good defensive teams. Zach Parise is not a world beater but he’s a great hockey player and Jason Pomminville is one of the game’s more under-appreciated creators. Both are solid two-way players as well. Plus, the fans in Minnesota absolutely LOVE this team. That can mean the difference in any home game.

Teams that are great defensively always have a shot in the post season. That’s the bottom line. And if Minnesota steals one or two in the Rocky Mountains during the first round, they have a shot at not only beating the Avs but of also being owners of the best Stanley Cup underdog odds to bet on at a staggering 50-to-1 price line.

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