Who can guess the number of fights in this one?

Who Can Guess The Number Of Fights In This One?

We are all in for a treat, this will be the best game of the night in the NHL as two clubs that are both red hot in the hunt for the best possible postseason seed prepare to do battle yet again. The best part about this game is that these two teams really hate each other. This is the second and last time they will see each other’s faces during the regular season but they have gotten a good amount of punches in already. These two teams are responsible for more fighting penalties in the League than any other two teams.

New York Rangers vs. Minnesota Wild
The New York Rangers and the Minnesota Wild face-off in the NHL this Thursday.
Starts: 03/13/2014 8:00PM
Xcel Energy Center, 199 West Kellogg Boulevard
Saint Paul, Minnesota


The Rangers won the first game by a land slide 4-1 which really did not sit well with Minnesota as there were 6 total fights in that game alone. I expect the gloves to hit the ground with the opening face off in this one, the Wild will be looking at revenge anyway they can. New York must keep their intensity at an all time high, pushing the rebound and keeping fresh legs on the ice.

Minnesota was embarrassed in New York last game but I can tell you that if they start losing again in this one it’s going to turn from an NHL game to a full on UFC event. The two have always gone for each other’s necks, the Wild have to play smart and cannot give up the puck in their own area, they need to press and crowd the net on offense, getting in the line of sight might do the trick.

The Rangers are -125 in this game and given what happen in game one and the fact that if the Rangers score first this game will become more of a slug fest I´m going with the Rangers here.

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