Detroit Red Wings vs. New York Rangers

Not A Friendly Game At All

These are two of the most hated teams in the NHL and to make things even more interesting they hate each other just as much, last season there was at least one player tossed from each of the three games they played, earlier this season they totaled 8 players with major penalty minutes in their first game, with the Rangers winning it in a shootout. I expect the Red Wings to really step up in this game to even out the series without losing any of the physicality of previous games.

Detroit Red Wings vs. New York Rangers
The Detroit Red Wings face the New York Rangers on Thursday Night.
Starts: 01/16/2014 7:00PM
Madison Square Garden, 4 Pennsylvania Plaza
New York, New York


Detroit is currently fourth in their division but have looked pretty good over their last three games, the key points for them in this game will be their passing game as they try to keep the puck past the blue line and their defense, they need to really make sure they play the opponent and not the stick, their error lately has been looking for the steal and leaving an open shot on goal.

The Rangers know that they are in for a difficult game given the way that the Red Wings set up their line rotations and the constant offensive attack. New York has come up big this last week on the defensive side with the understanding that everyone comes back to help, the downside is that they have less fast breaks and score much less than others, but I guess it’s a tradeoff. I like the Rangers in this one because of their half ice play and puke movement. I expect this game to end in a shootout yet again with the win going to the better goalie and the Rangers.

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