The Anaheim Ducks Vs. the Chicago Blackhawks

The Hard Hitting Blackhawks Are Back At Home

This s a repeat of last season’s post season humiliation that the Blackhawks put on the Ducks, dominating them the entire season and knocking them out of the playoffs this will be the first meeting the two teams have, in a game I expect them to get a little frustration out. The Ducks are not going to take it lightly as they have a reputation of being bullies on the ice and going after opposing team’s wing man early.

Anaheim Ducks vs. Chicago Blackhawks
The Anaheim Ducks face Chicago Blackhawks in a Western Conference matchup.
Starts: 01/17/2014 8:00PM
United Center, 1901 West Madison St.
Chicago, Illinois


Anaheim is currently one of the top ranked teams in the West with a 35-8 and 5 record having scored 75 points so far this season. They have the ability to really out skate most of the other teams because of the 3-2-4 line they use; it gives them an extra man in the back to force the puck across the blue line. This team will have to get better in their power plays though because the Blackhawks are on fire when it comes to scoring with the advantage.

Chicago seems to be moving the puck well across the ice, turning it over on average just 8 times a game, they seem a little more aggressive but have been known to be careless around their own goals, leading the League in goals scored on themselves with 4. Their defense has gotten a little youth and speed and the Sadin brothers are healthy and back to their scoring selves.

The Blackhawks will really want to win this game, even more so on their home ice, they will look to match up physically with the Ducks and I think they will take the high end by playing better center hockey and not allowing bad plays to shorten the men they have on the ice. I have Chicago winning this game at home by a goal, no shot out in this one.

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