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How To Hedge Your Losing NHL Playoff Futures Bet

While playoff rounds are underway, the oddsmakers will take down most of the NHL playoff futures betting boards so you’re usually stuck with what you went with until the series are decided. Did you take a bad beat or just run in to some brutal luck? Well then you’re going to need to know how to hedge your losing NHL playoff futures bet.

By definition, a hedge bet is anything that reduces the loss of risk. You can apply this to any play you’ve made whether it’s a series wager, conference play or long term NHL playoff futures bet. There are three go-to methods to recoup the risk you threw at those gambles, or at the very least recover a strong portion of it.

Bet On The Games

Duh. Say you took the Tampa Bay Lightning to win the Stanley Cup because you couldn’t help but be drawn to them with 24-to-1 odds and you’re scared to death of how they performed in the first game (they were outshot 44-22 but only lost in overtime during a brilliant effort). Well then now might be the time to start betting against the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Track Weird Trends Like The OVER

Scoring has been creeping higher and higher in this day and age, reducing the value of goalies across the board because the idiots that run the NHL try their darndest to tailor the league for non-fans who will go berserk if they don’t see goals. The first three games of the post season all went in the OVER. Betting on the OVER is a great stand alone play, but it’s also a fantastic way to boost your game-line pick with a parlay. Right now the OVER looks like a hot trend.

Isolate Each Playoff Round

One of the methods for managing risk is understanding your own behavior. Let’s say that you risked a total of $100 in the futures market and bet $200 worth of action on the games. Now let’s suppose that you lost that futures play and came out ahead by $100. Guess what? You broke even. That’s a good day at the office, and a much better one than losing any money on any given night. If you came out slightly (or way) ahead, then give yourself a pat on the back. If you lost your shirt, then don’t sweat it.

There’s always the next round. What you should be doing is reserving some pocket change for the latter rounds instead of blowing your bankroll on the first round and keeping your fingers crossed. Diversify that portfolio a little and make sure that you have enough to attack the conference semi-finals regardless of what happens in the quarters.

If you lost your NHL futures play, you can make another one on a team that looked sharp or double-down if your pre-playoff pick is still in play. It’s all about ensuring that you treat each round as an isolated phase of betting. How much did you risk and how much did you win? If you came out ahead at the conclusion of any round, you’re winning money so it doesn’t matter if you lost that futures play because you still have more money than when you started. That’s the name of the game, and one of the best angles I could suggest to you if you want to know how to hedge your losing NHL playoff futures bet.

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