We all had high hopes for the sabers

We All Had High Hopes For The Sabers


After one of their best season´s last year we all had high hopes for the Buffalo Sabers coming into this one, they played with real heart last season staging some of the best comebacks of the year and playing as physical as any team in the NHL that I had seen. This is why watching them this year is such a letdown for fans of the team and the sport. Carolina hasn’t really given us a reason to talk about them, they have been pretty basic in the last few season because it seems they just do not want to invest in top ranked players.

Buffalo Sabers vs. Carolina Hurricanes
The Buffalo Sabers and the Carolina Hurricanes face-off this Thursday in the NHL.
Starts: 03/13/2014 7:00PM
PNC Arena, 1400 Edwards Mill Road
Raleigh, North Carolina


The Sabers have really let go of their defense this years, allowing almost a goal more a game then they did last season. This team used to skate up the ice and really plaster their opponents into the wall, pushing guys around to get the rebound at all costs. For this game I really don’t expect anything other then what they have given us all season long, mediocrity with a hint of bad decisions around their own net. They need to come out with a bang even if that means scoring first and playing defense the rest of the game.

Carolina plays safe , they keep two guys around mid ice in order not to get caught out of position but their problem is once the other teams cores they don’t have the ability to push back, they have trouble scoring and even more so converting on power plays. If this teams thinks they might have a chance against another team that s laying themselves down they need to press the tempo and control the clock.

This game is a pick but the line I do like is the over 5 goals +120, defensively they will just not show up, too concentrated on scoring, I see both teams finding the back of the net a few times at least in this one..

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