The Jets could make their first post season this year

The Jets Could Make Their First Post Season This Year

This is one of the more exciting seasons for the newly formed Winnipeg Jets as they are a few games away from their first franchise post season appearance. Vancouver has not been able to find themselves in the second half of this season and it looks like they are going to leave it for next year as you can see they have started to slow things down and the aggressiveness as really disappeared. The Jets really do not care where the wins come from as long as they keep coming.

Vancouver Canucks vs. Winnipeg Jets
The Vancouver Canucks face-off against the Winnipeg Jets this Wednesday in the NHL.
Starts: 03/12/2014 7:30PM
MTS Centre, 300 Portage Ave


The Canucks were finally able to trade away their trouble goalie Luongo for some picks and a defenseman but you can see the difference in the goal tending with what they have left. It´s a fact they will have to make this a propriety during the offseason. Coming out with a 1-2-2 line up will help this Canucks team on the defensive end to have an extra guy around the blue line to make sure they don’t get caught in transition.

The Jets have racked up an impressive 30-28-7 record with 67 total points this year, in overview the numbers could be better but they have a great defense so their games usually are not high scoring ones. They do have a tendency of playing from behind because they are a little too aggressive in the opening period, something they need to slow down and keep that energy for the third. Winnipeg is -170 here and I think it´s going to stick, but I would not recommend that line, instead look at the under 5 goals at -115, that looks like a much better return.

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