The Leafs are in a win or die mindset

The Leafs Are In A Win Or Die Mindset

This is the last time the Maple Leafs will see the Sharks this regular season and nothing would end it better than for Toronto to take the win and even up the two game series. Much easier said than done given the great defense that San Jose has been playing in their last few games. It looks like they have tightened up and almost taken away the rebound opportunities by crashing the blue area. This team does not concentrate too much on fast breaks because they are too busy using all their players on the defensive side.

Toronto Maple Leafs vs. San Jose Sharks
10:30 PM ET, March 11, 2014
SAP Center, San Jose, California

Toronto will have to take advantage of the very few chances they get when they catch the Sharks in an awkward spot. They need to push the game and be aggressive on the boards, stealing checks in their own zone as well as keeping fresh skates on the ice will really give them the edge. Toronto is in a position where they have to go out every night and play like if it was their last game, with a 33-23 record they have very little room for error.

San Jose in m y mind has one problem, they seem to keep the same players on the ice too long, you can see that their guys get tired quickly and are not given the rest time their age might require. You can tell that because of the amount of penalties they commit as the game is winding down. I think this is where Toronto will take advantage and try to get a little dumb here and there to frustrate San Jose into loosening up their defensive ways to try and surprise the Leafs, something they will be expecting. I like the Leafs to win this game and at +120 it’s a great comeback on a unite.


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