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Odds & Picks To Win The 2018 Stanley Cup

The 2018 Stanley Cup playoffs hit the second round with eight teams left. Who are the 2018 NHL playoff oddsmakers picking to win it? Which team should you bet on to raise the Stanley Cup at the end of it all? Is there a longshot bet that you should consider? Keep reading for answers to those questions and more.

Odds & Picks To Win The 2018 Stanley Cup

  • Predators +450
  • Lightning +480
  • Golden Knights +600
  • Jets +625
  • Penguins +675
  • Capitals +700
  • Bruins +725
  • Sharks +850

The Favorite Pick To Win The 2018 Stanley Cup: Nashville Predators +440

Is this the year for the Predators to bring a championship to Music City, USA? The NHL oddsmakers definitely believe that the 2018 Stanley Cup will make its home in Nashville this offseason.

The Nashville bounced back after losing the Stanley Cup last season to the Pens with a 117-point and Presidents’ Trophy winning season. Is the next logical step a Stanley Cup?

The reigning conference champion will face the electric Winnipeg Jets. This is a matchup worthy for the Cup Final. Let’s hope it doesn’t disappoint.

The Smart Pick To Win The 2018 Stanley Cup: Winnipeg Jets

This is Canada’s last chance at the Stanley Cup this season. The whole nation will be behind the upstart Jets. Sadly, Winnipeg will face last year’s Cinderella story, the upset candidate-turned-Stanley Cup runner-up, the Nashville Predators.

This series features big-time scorers, two of the game’s best goalies and big hulking defenders. Add all that up and this will be the most fun NHL best of seven series in years.

The Longshot Pick To Win The 2018 Stanley Cup: Washington Capitals

Washington is the best of the bottom three remaining Stanley Cup hopefuls. Boston and San Jose are old. The Bruins had a long seven game series versus Toronto. That is why I am picking the Caps as the 2018 longshot Stanley Cup pick.

Odds To Win The East:

  • Lightning +200
  • Penguins +315
  • Capitals +325
  • Bruins +337

Odds To Win TheWest:

  • Predators +198
  • Golden Knights +280
  • Jets +290
  • Sharks +420

Round 2 Stanley Cup Series Prices

  • Pittsburgh -115 vs Washington -105
  • Boston +125 vs Tampa Bay -145
  • Winnipeg +120 vs Nashville -140
  • San Jose +110 vs Vegas -130
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