Winter Olympic Ice Hockey Gold Medal Odds

Olympic Odds To Win Hockey Gold in Sochi 2014

The Olympic odds to win hockey gold in Sochi 2014 are as airtight as they should be, but this inevitably boils down to a slim cluster of challengers that are worthy of bearing the gold medal. There are very few moments in the Olympics where you see athletes upset that they’ve won a silver medal. Most are just happy to be there; earning a keep sake that solidifies you in sports history is enough to send most to the moon. If you saw the faces of Team USA’s men’s and women’s ice hockey teams when neither were able to get past Canada in the Vancouver Olympics then you know that this sport offers a different type of drama. You should be VERY excited for what’s becoming the main event of the Winter Olympics.

Men’s Olympic Odds To Win Hockey Gold in Sochi 2014

  • Canada +170
  • Russia +225
  • Sweden +440
  • USA +500
  • Finland +1100

Team Canada has once again opened up as the favorite, boasting solid +170 Olympic odds to win hockey gold in Sochi 2014. They stand just ahead of both Russia and Sweden, while Team USA stands precariously at fourth with perhaps the most intriguing odds. The only reason I listed Finland is to outline the fact that this is a four horse race in the eyes of the bookies. In other words, don’t bet on Finland.

Listen, there’s a reason that Canada and Russia are favored. As far as talent goes, it’s not even close. By all accounts, the drama should boil down to another battle of “Crosby vs. Ovechkin” on the biggest international stage that exists for this sport. They both have the best Olympic odds to win hockey gold in Sochi 2014 for the simple fact that Canada has the best players and Russia’s incredible roster has a home ice advantage of sorts. And if there’s any potential screwjob waiting to happen in Sochi, it’s in hockey. The networks, the fans and everyone in the world wants to see Canada against Russia in the gold medal game.

To call hockey a “big deal” in the states is a bit of an overstatement, but there’s also one really interesting facet here – there are no two countries that Team USA loves upending more than Canada and Russia. We could very well be in store for either a finals rematch from the last Olympics, or a recreation of the Miracle on Ice. In fact, Team USA and Russia have a group match this coming weekend at 7:30am (re-broadcast at 5pm) on NBC Sports Network. We’ll know after that game if Team USA has the stuff to challenge the hosts, or battle toe-to-toe with the defending gold medal bearing Canadians.

Betting these Olympic odds comes down to a matter of personal preference. Either you’re a fan of Russian players, you’re Canadian or American…or you can’t help but be drawn to the big 5-to-1 payout for a stunning Team USA gold medal victory. The choice is yours…but I wouldn’t bet against Canada. This gold medal is like the most important thing that happens to the country. That and poutine.


  • Canada +110
  • USA -150
  • Field +500

Frankly I don’t know why the other countries even bother. In the last Olympics, and in the World Championships, Canada and Team USA steamrolled through the competition in devastatingly lopsided games. In the last gold medal game, Canada won 2-0. In the 2013 World Championships, Team USA won 3-2. So it’s basically a toss-up. The only real reason that the USA is favored here is because of their World Championship performance last year. The women’s Olympic odds to win hockey gold in Sochi 2014 should be dead, so I prefer the Canadian odds at +110 in terms of value.