NHL Playoffs Round 1 Predictions – The Best Exact Series Prices

NHL Playoffs Round 1 Predictions – The Best Exact Series Betting Odds

I’m here with a flurry of NHL Playoffs Round 1 betting predictions straight to your gut. These are my favorite takes on the exact series betting odds in our NHL futures. The puck drops on Wednesday so start ingesting as much NHL news as you can handle. This is going to be a great playoff round!

NHL Playoffs Round 1 Betting Predictions

Why Pittsburgh Will Sweep Columbus In 4 Games

I mean there’s just no way around it, and you’re getting a 7-to-1 return on Pittsburgh decimating Columbus. Where the Blue Jackets have always been pretty strong is in the centers, but very few teams run as deep as Pittsburgh does as in this department.

Columbus will lose control of the puck almost every time they get in the circle and that gives the Penguins the upper leg. Having the three best players in this series – Letang, Crosby and Malkin – doesn’t hurt either. A win over the Blue Jackets isn’t a lofty NHL Playoff Round 1 prediction, but a sweep is a daring take and I’m so in for this one.

Boston Will Muscle Past A Stiff Detroit Team in 6 Games

I’m giving Babcock the benefit of the doubt with two wins here because he’s a great coach, but his roster is dealing with a ton of injuries and if you’re not at full health heading in to a series with Boston, you’re not going to be at full health coming out of a series with Boston.

The Bruins are either paying out 5-to-1 to sweep or less than +350 to win at any other time. I like them in six games.

Tampa Bay Will Topple Montreal In 6 Games

I just don’t see how either team stops the other offensively. Tampa’s Steven Stamkos is bar none the best scorer in the game (sorry Ovechkin) and to show you how tight this series are, the Canadiens are +400 to win in 6 while Tampa is +500. I think that the pressure created by the overzealous fans in Montreal creates havoc as Tampa gets their feet under them early by hosting the first pair of games. Most people have Montreal in their NHL Playoff Round 1 predictions, but I’m going against the grain. Sorry, Canada…er…Canadiens.

Why Philadelphia Will Beat New York In 6 Games

Sometimes you have to follow the lead of the oddsmakers when it comes to series prices, and the Flyers winning in 6 games has a 4-to-1 payout. That’s the lowest odds on the entire board for this series aside from a rangers win in Game 7 (+350). You know why? Because Game 6 is in Philly and those rabid fans would love nothing more than to see New York’s finest sent back to the apple with their tails tucked between their legs. Follow the lead of the oddsmakers. I prefer the Flyers in 6, but if you prefer the Rangers overall then take them in seven.

Crack Out The Brooms In Dallas for Anaheim

Another series that’s boasting 7-to-1 odds for a sweep, the Anaheim Ducks are a nightmare matchup for Dallas who have no defensive makeup to really speak of. It’s remarkable that the Stars are even in the playoffs to be honest.

I expect the hard charging Ducks to ramrod the Stars in to alignment with a golf course pretty quickly. That’s why I’m taking a sweep here in my NHL Playoffs Round 1 predictions.

San Jose and Los Angeles Will Go The Distance

The Sharks winning in San Joe in Game 7 pays out the smallest, but it’s my favorite bet in this particular market. This is one of the toughest series with which to place an NHL Playoff Round 1 prediction because the Sharks are built for success while the Kings are built for the post-season. It’s a clash of the titans, especially considering that Joe Thornton is in the twilight of his career. The Sharks have never gone to the Finals with all of their talent, but they’re usually a no-brainer in the first round which is while I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt here against a grizzly Kings team that is far from perfect.

Colorado Buries Minnesota Wild In 5 Games

The Avalanche have been the most surprising team of the 2014 season, but it won’t be shocking when they landslide the Wild towards an early exit. This series pays out 8-to-1 on an Avalanche sweep, and drops to +450 in a five game series victory. The oddsmakers are right on point here – Minnesota has a win in them. They just don’t have much after that.

St. Louis Takes Chicago In 6 Games

This game finishing in the sixth or seventh game is basically giving you 4-to-1 odds on either side (it’s up and down depending on the game and the team) but I simply prefer St. Louis.

Chicago has been slumping a little as they wait for the post season to begin, and they’re not as strong defensively as they have been in the past. I don’t see this series going the distance like most do, and my NHL Playoff Round 1 predictions have the Blues winning in 6 as they capitalize on the somewhat lethargic Blackhawks in the opening round.

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