NHL Restart Playoffs Game 1 Odds & Analysis

NHL Restart Playoffs Game 1 Odds & Analysis

Hockey is back on August 1st heading straight to the NHL playoffs. Keep reading for every Game 1 analysis with betting odds.

NHL Restart Playoffs Game 1 Odds & Analysis

  • Canadiens +170
  • Penguins -100

Before the NHL put their season on pause, the Montreal Canadiens had been on a 3-match losing streak. Montreal did nothing the last time they battled the Pittsburgh Penguins.

The Pens beat the Canadiens 4-1. Pittsburgh ranks sixth in shots against per while Montreal ranks second in shots taken. That’s the key matchup in this.

  • Rangers +125
  • Hurricanes -145

The Rangers average 3.3 goals per. That ranks fifth in the league. The Canes rank third in shots per and eleventh in shots per.

Don’t let the Carolina Hurricanes eleventh ranking in goals per fool you. Carolina averages 3.2 goals per match while the Rangers average 3.3. The winner could come down to how NYR handles the Canes’ second-ranked shots allowed per match defense.

  • Panthers +100
  • Islanders -120

Before heading to the Covid-19 bench, the Florida Panthers were on a 2-match winning streak. They had come off a sweet 2-1 win when word came from the higher-ups about the season shut down.

Florida faces what Islander fans hope is a rejuvenated squad. Although no team wanted the shutdown to happen, if there’s any squad that benefited, it’s the New York Islanders.

The Islanders headed to the hockey hiatus 7-match losing streak. It was so bad that Ottawa, yes, the Ottawa Senators beat the Islanders 4-3 on March 5.

  • Blackhawks +145
  • Oilers -165

The Blackhawks had played well heading into the shutdown. Chicago had won 5-of-7. Edmonton beat Chicago 11-5 the last time the two squads faced each other.

Note that if you decide to bet on this game, Edmonton has a slight advantage. The National Hockey League decided that the Oilers’ home is one of the 2 hub cities.

The other hub city is Toronto. So, give Edmonton a bit of an edge. It’s not a major edge, though.

The Oilers won’t play in front of fans. They won’t have to travel, though, which is a good thing, and they’ll get to hang out in their locker room.

Edmonton went 1-3 heading into the coronavirus pause. Keep that in mind.

  • Wild +100
  • Canucks -120

Minnesota had won 6-of-8 before heading to the bench. The Wild beat Vancouver 4-3 in a shootout the last time these two threw down.

The Canucks were 2-5 SU in their last 7 before the shutdown. Vancouver may have a slight edge because both hub cities are in Canada.

  • Jets +125
  • Flames -145

Winnipeg most definitely didn’t want the NHL pause to happen. The Jets were on a nice 4-match winning streak before the pro hockey league sent players home during the pandemic.

These two haven’t battled since October 26. Calgary’s getting the benefit of the doubt because the match happens in Canada. But the Jets beat the Flames 2-1 in the last head-to-head.

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