San Jose Vs Pittsburgh Stanley Cup Finals Pick

New Year NHL Stanley Cup Odds & Picks

San Jose Vs Pittsburgh Stanley Cup Finals Pick

The number 3 seeded San Jose Sharks made mincemeat out of the St. Louis Blues in the Western Conference to easily bound into the Stanley Cup Finals. The number 2 seeded Pittsburgh Penguins needed a Game 7 win over the Tampa Bay Lightning on Thursday night to win the Eastern Conference. Now, the Sharks and Penguins battle it out for the right to hold up Lord Stanley’s Cup. The series starts on Monday, May 30.

It took the Penguins winning Game 6 and Game 7 against the Lightning in order to go to the Stanley Cup. Pittsburgh looked great in those final 2 games when outscoring Tampa Bay 7 to 3. For San Jose, the NHL Playoffs have been anything but a difficulty. San Jose took down St. Louis, the higher seeded team, 4 to 1 in 5 games. It was stunning.

A Closer Look at How To Bet The San Jose Sharks Vs Pittsburgh Penguins Stanley Cup Finals Pick

The NHL Stanley Cup betting odds favor the Pittsburgh Penguins at 4/6 odds to beat the San Jose Sharks who are listed at even money by the Las Vegas oddsmakers to bet the Pens in their seven game series for the Cup.

Since last season, the San Jose Sharks are 98-84, -221 ML, but that is better than the Penguins who are 104-83, -703. Both teams are 2-2 head-to-head. The Sharks have turned a +5 profit in these matchups. The Penguins have lost -34 head-to-head. Head-to-head matchups have skewed under (3 under, 1 over). 

  • 3/9/2015: San Jose won 2 to 1, as a +100 underdog, Game came under 5.5 
  • 3/29/2015: Pittsburgh won 3 to 2, as a -180 favorite, Game came under 5.5 
  • 11/21/2015: San Jose won 3 to 1, as a +105 underdog, Game came under 5 
  • 12/1/2015: Pittsburgh won 5 to 1, as a +110 underdog, Game went over 5

Why Bet The San Jose Sharks To Win The 2016 Stanley Cup

San Jose’s defense has been awesome. Sharks goalie Martin Jones has 3 shutouts in San Jose’s last 7 playoff games. The reason for the shutouts is due to San Jose’s incredible defense preventing shots. For example, Nashville only took 20 shots in a 0 to 5 Sharks win on May 12. On May 17, St. Louis took 26 shots in a 0 to 4 Sharks win. The Blues only took 22 shots against Jones in a 0 to 3 Sharks win on May 19.  

Why Bet The Pittsburgh Penguins To Win The 2016 Stanley Cup

Pittsburgh is a resilient team. The Penguins had every right to fold after being down 2 to 3 to Tampa Bay in the Eastern Conference Finals. Going into Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals, Pittsburgh was favored but many NHL Analysts had them bowing out since Game 6 was on Tampa Bay’s ice. All the Penguins did was dominate the Lightning 5 to 2. It was a brilliant performance. Then, in Game 7, Pitt beat Tampa Bay by a conservative 2 to 1. This Pittsburgh team is tough.

Expert Pick & Stanley Cup Prediction

Pittsburgh defenseman Trevor Daily got hurt on May 22. He’s out for the rest of this season, meaning that the Penguins will be without one of their top defensive players. That’s a bad situation for Pitt. Why?  It’s bad because San Jose has 4 players that are in the top goal scorers for the NHL Playoffs: Joe Pavelski, Logan Couture, Joe Thornton and Brett Burns.

Pittsburgh has more speed than the Blues had and speed can kill on the ice just like it can kill on the gridiron or the basketball court. But, the Sharks are so good at marking offensive players and preventing good shots, while Jones is so strong in the goal that it’s going to be hard for the Penguins to get off enough shots to win in most of the games.  I think that San Jose wins it in 6.

My final Stanley Cup Prediction is San Jose Sharks in 6.