Stanley Cup Odds After Sochi

Stanley Cup Odds After Sochi

The oddsmakers have slightly revised their Stanley Cup odds after Sochi’s brilliant showing. So which teams are your best bets in the wake of the Olympics? Let’s take a look!

Stanley Cup Odds

PITTSBURGH PENGUINS (+550 Odds To Win The Stanley Cup)

Let’s keep in mind that Sidney Crosby won the 2010 Olympics as well, so the fact that he scored on a thrilling breakaway shouldn’t make Pittsburgh any better or worse as a long term play. The year after Sidney’s insane game winner against Team USA in Vancouver, the Penguins were bounced from the second round of the post season. Could they be a similar fate after Crosby helped lead the way? I’m not sure. Pittsburgh hasn’t been a solid team in the playoffs even though they sit atop the Eastern Conference with 83 points.

CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS (+500 Odds To Win The Stanley Cup)

The hard charging Chicago Blackhawks are the best team in the league, and Jonathan Toews may have walked out of the Olympics without any goals but he made his presence felt. Sharp and Kane also had solid showings at Sochi, but none of this has “improved” Chicago’s Stanley Cup odds after Sochi because they were the front runner to begin with. Five-to-one odds are still strong for the defending champions so it’s worth the gamble.

MONTREAL CANADIENS (+3500 Odds To Win The Stanley Cup)

No player has bolstered his team’s Stanley Cup odds after Sochi more than Carey Price. Starting goaltending is like starting pitching in baseball. If you can find a hot and steady goaltender, then you get on board and ride him. Every year there’s a crop of new names and faces between the pipes that enjoy a streak of brilliance, and while Carey Price has been on the map for what feels like a lifetime, he’s finally playing at a sublime level that is beyond explicable. The Canadiens are not a great roster, but if Price gets scorching hot in the playoffs, they can be a force to be reckoned with. As the internet’s been saying lately, “Keep Calm and Carey On”.

TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS (+5000 Odds To Win The Stanley Cup)

No member of Team USA had a more consistent run than Phil Kessel, an often maligned star that divides hockey fans in general. He has a sourpuss personality that’s a bit off putting, but his production on the ice is undeniable. Kessel remains one of the best skaters and scorers in the league, and Toronto seems poised for a wild card run if they’re able to hold things together down the stretch. With 5 goals and 3 assists in the Olympics, Kessel is playing at a level we haven’t seen out of him that often. On a team stacked with studs he managed to stand out, and even in the loss to Canada, Kessel was consistently breaking to the net. I don’t love the Leafs in the long term but they’re still worth a chip shot, especially if Kessel continues to prove that he’s ready for a heavy workload.

BUFFALO SABRES (+500000 Odds To Win The Stanley Cup)

I’m just putting this here for fun. To be realistic, the Sabres have almost no chance of making the playoffs with just 15 wins underneath their belt. They’re the only team in the entire league that hasn’t won at least 20 games. But after seeing what Ted Nolan accomplished with a scrap heap of pro castaways from freaking Latvia, aren’t you just a little bit intrigued by the Sabres’ Stanley Cup odds after Sochi? No? Not even an itty bit???

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