Stanley Cup Playoffs Round 2 Betting – Habs vs. Bruins

Stanley Cup Playoffs Round 2 Betting – Habs vs. Bruins

If you know about hockey, then the Stanley Cup Playoffs round 2 betting battle between the Boston Bruins and Montreal Canadiens is a rivalry series you’re already dying to see. The Habs are to the Bruins what the Yankees are to the Red Sox or the Lakers are to the Celtics. It’s really that simple. The feud even has its own Wikipedia page.

During the long life spans of both franchises, the Bruins and Canadiens have met in the playoffs 34 times with the Habs owning 25 series victories over the Bruins’ 9 series wins against Montreal. It’s a playoff war that has been waged since 1929 and will continue on as long as there are pucks, ice and hockey sticks.

To put it simply, it’s one of the best rivalries in all of sports.

The 35th edition of Habs-Bruins will take place in the 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs Round 2 with betting odds favoring top-seeded Boston for well justified reasons. Montreal may dominate the long history between the two, but Boston is dominating the Stanley Cup playoffs betting board. The Bruins are +225 to win this Round 2 series in 5 games, while the lowest odds you can find on the Canadiens winning is an exact series price of +700 in 6 games.

Boston has not only been the outright favorite to win The Cup this season, they’ve also had it in for teams from north of the border in the past few playoffs. The Bruins have beaten the last four teams they’ve faced in the post season from Canada. They beat Montreal in the Conference Quarterfinals in 2009, beat Montreal and Vancouver during their Stanley Cup Championship run in 2011, bounced back last season against the Maple Leafs in thrilling fashion and are now poised for their fifth win against a Canadian team.

Does Montreal stand a legitimate chance? Obviously the answer is “yes”. Nothing equalizes the playing field like a blood feud in playoff hockey. No two fan bases and franchises have legitimate hatred for one another like the Habs and the Bruins, and anyone that tries to convince you otherwise is lying to your face. That makes picking a winner in this series for the purposes of Stanley Cup Playoffs Round 2 betting a very difficult task.

The Bell Centre will be an extremely hostile environment for Boston, who know full well that a riot will be in play if they defeat Montreal in their own building. And that’s exactly what I expect to happen. Montreal bulldozed an undermanned Tampa team in the first round during a sweep, but didn’t have to deal with an elite goalie. Beating Tuukka Rask and one of the best defenses in the conference is an unenviable challenge. I love Boston in six.

Carey Price is playing at the height of his game, however, and his presence alone is enough for two wins in this series for Montreal. Past that? I’m not so sure. Boston just shellacked the a well coached Detroit Red Wings team 4-1 SU after dropping the first game, outscoring their opponents 14-to-5 in the process.

During that series, Boston reminded everyone that they have no weaknesses, no weak links and surrender very few opportunities against their opponents. That’s why most people are siding with them in Stanley Cup playoffs round 2 betting picks, and why I myself find it hard to lean away from the hard charging Bruins.

Montreal will have something to say about that for sure, but I just don’t see how the undersized Canadiens deal with the speed and physical nature of Boston’s attack. This will be another thrilling chapter in the 86 year blood feud between the Boston Bruins and Montreal Canadiens, but even with all the history of violence between these two, there’s no way I can bet against the Stanley Cup favorites.

Stanley Cup Playoffs Round 2 Betting Pick – Boston over Montreal in 6 Games

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