NHL - Ottawa Senators vs. Montreal Canadiens

Things Are Going To Heat Up On The Ice In Canada

If there is a Canadian rivalry that has really gotten big over the last few years it’s this one, normally the Senators have out beaten the Canadiens during the regular season but this year it looks like Montreal has a chance to not only leave Ottawa out of the playoffs but make it in themselves. Both of these teams dislike each other mutually, but even worse is the fans, Montreal has a deep rooted hate towards Ottawa because it was their senators that did not approve the bill to make Montreal independent.

NHL – Ottawa Senators vs. Montreal Canadiens
The Ottawa Senators will visit the Montreal Canadiens on Saturday in the NHL.
Starts: 03/15/2014 7:00PM
Bell Centre, 1200, de la Gauchetiere Street West


Ottawa has always been known as a hard hitting team, nothing illegal but they would be boarder lines on certain hits, they just want you to remember win or lose who you played. Ottawa needs to play from behind their blue line, they cannot get trapped off sides to much because they are not very good at faceoff’s. Adding a center in this game will allow them to cut off the long pass and help feed the wings on power plays.

Montreal is coming into this game with the mindset of evening up this series at two games apiece. Ottawa took the first two but late January had the Canadiens taking some respect back. With a win here things would be 2-2 and there would be a 5 th and final game to see who takes the cake. The Canadiens have been on a roll, playing great defense and passing the puck very well, they will have to attack the net because Ottawa is not known for giving up too many rebounds. Playing them from behind their own net might give them an advantage.

The Canadiens are -140 in this one and even though I lived in Ottawa for 7 years and love the city, I think that Montreal is just too strong on offense, they push the puck and time their line changes to the T, making it almost impossible to catch them off the ice.

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