Updated 2105 Stanley Cup Odds - Second Round Mayhem

Updated 2105 Stanley Cup Odds – Second Round Mayhem

After a gritty, hard fought first round of the NHL’s Stanley Cup playoffs, the second round begins tonight which means now one of eight teams will hoist any sport’s oldest, most coveted trophy come mid-June.

Out of the eight teams still battling in the playoffs, just three are teams that no one would of guessed a few months ago would still be playing. Those are the Minnesota Wild, The Washington Capitals and the Calgary Flames.

What are the odds of any of these eight winning the Stanley Cup

That’s a great question.

Read on to see the Stanley Cup odds for each of the eight remaining clubs.

Handicapping Every 2nd-Round Team’s Stanley Cup Odds

  • New York Rangers – 13/4 – The Rangers made quick work of the Pittsburgh Penguins when beating Sidney Crosby’s team 4 to 1. New York had to win 2 of those 4 games in overtime. That’s actually a good sign that the Rangers are focused.
  • Chicago Blackhawks – 4/1 – Nashville put up a decent fight but at the end of the day it was Blackhawks 4 and Predators 2. Chicago moves on to take on the #4 seed in the Western Conference, surprise Minnesota.
  • Anaheim Ducks – 9/2 – The Ducks were the most impressive team in Round 1 of the NHL Playoffs. They beat Winnipeg 4 games in a row. Anaheim outscored Winnipeg 16 to 9. They should have no trouble versus Calgary in Round 2.
  • Minnesota Wild – 11/2 – For many, Minnesota beating St. Louis in Round 1 wasn’t a huge surprise. Minnesota is a good team. But, they beat the Blues 4 to 2, going 2 to 1 in St. Louis. That says a lot about this team. Chicago had better be at the top of their game in the second round.
  • Montreal Canadians – 6/1 – Ottawa turned it into an interesting series. After Montreal ran out to a 3 to 0 series lead, the Senators won the next 2. But, Montreal stepped it up and took Game 6 on April 26.
  • Tampa Bay Lightning – 15/2 – It was touch and go there for a while. Detroit would win one and then Tampa Bay. Down 2 to 3, Tampa Bay won 2 games in a row, Games 5 and 6 and is looking strong going into their battle with the Canadians.
  • Washington Capitals – 9/1 – In arguably the toughest Round 1 series of the entire NHL Playoffs, the Capitals needed 2 overtime wins in order to just even the series versus the Islanders. Washington then won 2 out of 3, including Game 7, to march on. Resilient teams are tough to get by. This is even true for the Stanley Cup favored New York Rangers.
  • Calgary Flames – 12/1 – It’s surprising how easily the Flames dispatched of the Vancouver Canucks. Yes, the series went 6 games, but Calgary never really looked like they were in trouble. The Flames get Anaheim next, though. That won’t be easy.  
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