Updated Odds To Win The 2015 Stanley Cup

Updated Stanley Cup Odds

We have just passed the half way mark in the 2014-15 NHL betting season and its time to take a look at the updated odds to win Lord Stanley’s Cup.

Updated 2014-15 Odds To Win The Stanley Cup

  • Chicago Blackhawks 4-1
    Playoff experience and Hart Trophy candidate Patrick Kane make the Blackhawks the mid-season favorites.
  • Anaheim Ducks 7-1
    Ryan Kessler has taken the most shots, but Ryan Getzlaf leads the team in points. Who cares? Bringing Kessler over is definitely paying dividends.
  • Montreal Canadiens 10-1
    Goalie Carey Price is allowing 2.2 goals per game on average. That’s the key to the Candiens who think defense first.
  • St. Louis Blues 10-1
    The defense is ranked third in shots against per game and sixth in goals against per game, but an offense that’s ranked third overall in goals scored per game at 3.1? That’s a surprise, right?
  • Boston Bruins 11-1
    The defense gives up shots, 29.7 per game, but they don’t give up goals, only 2.2 per contest and they kill penalties 83% of the time.
  • Pittsburgh Penguins 11-1
    The Penguins are ranked in the Top 10 in goals scored per game, shots per game, and power plays per game. They’re also ranked in the Top 10 in goals against, penalty kills and shut outs. Having that guy Sidney Crosby on your team helps too.
  • Tampa Bay Lightning 12-1
    The offense is great, 3.2 goals on average per game, but will the defense do enough to get the Lightning to the NHL Finals?
  • New York Islanders 14-1
    The Islanders are ranked second in shots for per game at 33.2 and shots at per game at 27.3. The roughly 5 shots difference per game could be a huge advantage for the Islanders once the playoffs come around.
  • New York Rangers 14-1
    Rick Nash is doing what he’s supposed to, providing offense, while Kevin Klein is doing what he’s supposed to, playing great defense, but how will Henrik Lundqvist handle yet another playoffs?
  • Detroit Red Wings 16-1
    This team could surprise in the playoffs. They’ve been hot lately going 7 and 1 on the money line in their last 8 games.
  • Los Angeles Kings 18-1
    The defending champions usually wait until the final few weeks of the season to get hot. At the odds, it’s difficult to not put a few bucks behind Anze Kopitar to make shots in the playoffs and Jonathan Quick in goal.
  • Nashville Predators 18-1
    They’ve only lost 11 games this season yet are at 18 and 1 in the sports book. The Predators are 19-2-0-1 at home.
  • San Jose Sharks 18-1
    What’s great about the Sharks is that they don’t necessarily have to play at home in order to win. Their road record is a very good 13-9-1-2 so far this season.
  • Vancouver Canucks 20-1
    Here’s another team that could surprise due to their excellent defense. The Canucks’ specialty is killing penalties, which they do over 87% of the time.
  • Washington Capitals 28-1
    The Capitals are right there in the Metropolitan Standings, yet they’re offering double the odds to win the Stanley Cup of the Rangers and Islanders. They might be worth a shot at close to 30 to 1 odds.
  • Calgary Flames 40-1
    The Flames give up only 27.8 shots against it per game. That ranks them seventh in the shots against category. If they convert those shots to goals the other way, they could be a tough out.
  • Winnipeg Jets 40-1
    The Jets don’t really excel in any key offensive or defensive category. Once the playoffs start, it’s going to be difficult for them to do much versus the best teams in the loaded Western Conference.
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