Philadelphia Flyers vs. Tampa Bay Lightning

Who Will Make The Final Cut

Both of these teams are having stellar season this year and are more than likely battling for the last playoff spot, they have and good wins but in the conferences they are they do no hold the upper hand so only one of them will make this year’s playoffs. The Lightning have great speed to that contrasts their skilled, slower playing defense that really causes problems for opposing wing man trying to attack on a break.

Philadelphia Flyers vs. Tampa Bay Lightning
The Philadelphia Flyers and Tampa Bay Lightning face-off in a late season matchup.
Starts: 04/10/2014 7:30PM
Tampa Bay Times Forum, 401 Channelside Dr.


The Flyers have a good season, they lost their starting center early but seem to have bounced back with some dominating defense as well as some great line changes. This team protects the puck as best they can and rather play it back to their own man then pass it around the boards to lose possession. I think that Philly will look to attack quickly and early to then settle in to the defensive set and insure a win for themselves.

Tampa has had their moments all season long, they have times where they look amazing, playing like a full blown all-star team then they go on these binges where they can´t beat the Canucks. This teams needs a little more stability as well as a little more aggressiveness’ around the net, they need to attack, crash the boards and make the right line moves to insure they have fresh legs on the ice at all times. Tampa will look to really press the left side of their offense because the younger Philly defense will be on that side. I think they will test home early in what playoff hockey is all about.

Pick: In this case because both teams are playing so well I think that this game is a little too close for comfort. I do however like the total over 5. These teams have scored on average 5 goals in their last 2 games, look for a high scoring one here…


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