NHL - Edmonton Oilers vs. Detroit Red Wings

The Year Just Gets Harder

These are two teams that had very high hopes coming into this season but things have really not gone their way and they find themselves at the bottom of the barrel where they are not accustomed to being. The Oilers were really looking to build on last season´s defensive results that got them into a dog fight for a playoff spot they lost. Detroit on the other hand is known around the League as a power house team that almost should be part of the post season conversations.

NHL – Edmonton Oilers vs. Detroit Red Wings
The Edmonton Oilers and the Detroit Red Wings face-off on Friday night hockey in the NHL.
Starts: 03/14/2014 7:30PM
Joe Louis Arena, 19 Steve Yzerman Dr.
Detroit, Michigan


Edmonton suffered a big set-back early in the season when they lost their starting goalie and best defenseman in the same game. Since then they have had issues scoring the puck as well as keeping their line formation right. I really hope to see them hungry in this one, they won’t make the playoffs but having the chance to get back at Detroit fort the blow out they suffered in early November of last year will do them some good.

Detroit dominated this Oilers team in their first game shutting them out 5-0, this is a very hard hitting team that likes to push other around and intimidate them into giving up on their position. Their main problem has been from what I can see that they are so goal oriented that if they don’t score first they seem almost lost and it usually breaks them. This Red Wing´s team has lost 70% of the games they have not scored in first.

Edmonton is -120 in this game because they do have very good wing skaters that are fast and have a great ability to see the open ice and make the right pass. I like the over in this game too, I think both teams are going to find their scoring sticks in this one.

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