Winter Olympic Ice Hockey Gold Medal Odds

2014 Winter Olympics Betting – Top 5 Events USA Will Dominate at Sochi

Despite what most people think, there are events USA will dominate at Sochi because they almost always do well at the Winter Olympics. In 2010, the United States took home the most medals with 37 overall, and finished third with 9 gold medals. So which specific events do the Americans excel at? Let’s take a look.

Top 5 Events USA Will Dominate at Sochi

1) Snowboarding – Half Pipe (Shaun White)
White made news this year by pulling out of the X-Games to focus on training for the much-more-important 2013 Winter Olympics betting. Extreme sports enthusiasts will probably argue that White has some legitimate challengers, but the bookies say otherwise. White will be the ultimate favorite in this event and is virtually guaranteed to blow us all away as he once again steals the show. The odds will be hard to make money on, but it’s almost assured that they’ll pay out. Crack out the big bucks – White never disappoints on the grandest of stages.

2) Men’s Ice Hockey and Women’s Ice Hockey
One of the best bets to make in all of 2013 Winter Olympics betting is Team USA to win gold at 6-to-1. They’re distant third favorites compared to Canada (+200) and Russia (+300), but after pushing Crosby and his fellow beavers to the absolute limit in Vancouver four years ago, there’s no doubt that Team USA can compete. Russia isn’t to be taken lightly, especially on “home ice”, but Team USA will dominate at Sochi and hunt for their first, ever, gold medal in hockey. The odds are definitely worth watching especially since Team USA and Russia are both in Group A together.

The women also lost to Team Canada in the finals, but on route to the gold medal game they outscored their opponents 40-to-2. That includes teams like China, Russia, Finland and Sweden. The odds will be heavily stacked against Team USA to win it all, and they’ll have their hands full with Team Canada in the gold medal game again, but up until that point they’re a surefire moneymaker.

3) Team Bobsled
The men won gold in 2010, but the big story here will be the women who are stirring the pot in this event as well. Writers can’t help talking about Lolo Jones, the former sprinter/hurdler turned bobsledder, but the fact remains that the women of USA will dominate at Sochi because they dominated the recent world championships with a podium sweep. You can feel free to make “American women go down faster” jokes at your leisure.

4) Downhill Skiing
I like calling it “downhill skiing” as if there’s such a thing as uphill skiing. In any case, even without Lindsey Vonn (broken leg), the American women are stacked in this competition. The major player for the men will once again be the polarizing Bode Miller, who claimed gold at the last Olympics in the alpine event. This will be a tough event for the USA to dominate at Sochi because almost all countries involved have great teams, but they will certainly be in the hunt.

5) Men’s Figure Skating – Jason Brown
Brown made the rounds on the internet thanks to an incredible free skate routine at the 2014 U.S Championships this year, and will be a force to be reckoned with on the grand state of 2013 Winter Olympics.

Whether or not figure skating is an event the USA will dominate at Sochi remains to be seen because the competition is actually pretty intense, but Brown has already helped put the sport on the map, and could cement his place in the oft-ignored sport just like fellow American Evan Lyascek did at the last set of games.