Must Bet Winter Olympic Events From Sochi

Must Bet Winter Olympic Events From Sochi

Must Bet Winter Olympic Events From Sochi

If you’re looking for the must bet Winter Olympic events from Sochi this coming weekend, then search no further. Hockey, women’s speed skating and the skeleton all highlight some of the early odds. Check out the offerings in the sportsbook for even more events, and have some fun with it.

Sochi Winter Olympics Men’s Hockey Betting Options

One of the best parts about Olympic hockey is the pucklines. The moneylines are so far apart that they’re not even worth broaching in most cases. Sweden’s a -600 favorite against Switzerland. It’s almost impossible to make money on those kinds of odds unless you’re a heavy hitter. Even in a parlay bet, that wouldn’t hold much value. But if you look at the pucklines, which act more like football and basketball spreads due to the massive disparity of talent, then you find some great odds that are easy to bank on. Hockey is the main event at the games, and is absolutely a must bet Winter Olympic event.

Sweden -1.5 (-150) over Switzerland +1.5 (+115)

The Swedes are always a big sneak in international play because they’re stacked with finesse, talent and speed which plays out very well on the open ice at the Olympics. I don’t think they can withstand the physical play that Canada and USA will bring to the table, but against the peaceful Swiss, they have a distinct advantage in this game and are one of the favorites to take home gold.

Canada -4.5 (-165) over Austria +4.5 (+125)

Team Austria boasts three NHL players, but only Thomas Vanek is noteworthy. The Austrians will probably get destroyed by the Canadians in this one. Sidney Crosby and company have no qualms about blowing out bad teams. They posted an 8-0 victory in their Olympic opener against Norway in 2010. This is the largest puckline on any game in Men’s hockey this Friday, but I’d be remiss if I left this off of my list of must bet Winter Olympic events from Sochi this upcoming weekend.

Czech Republic -2.5 (-120) over Latvia +2.5 (-110)

Latvia is dusting off 41-year old Sandis Ozolinsh to help bolster their Olympic chances…and it probably won’t help all that much. The Czech Republic has their own bag of sand in Petr Nedved, the 42-year old defensemen who has been retired for years and only laces up his skates for international play. Overall, the Czech Republic is just a stronger team but it’ll be fun to see golden oldies like Sandis and Nedved getting some action.

Team Russia -1.5 (+140) over Team USA +1.5 (-180)

The moneylines on this game are actually really enticing, but I think that Russia will open the games with a rousing effort against Team USA in a (sort of) rematch of the Miracle on Ice. Russia’s probably sick to death of hearing about it and will want to send a message to the Americans that they’re not to be taken lightly. The Russia-USA game isn’t just a must bet Winter Olympic event this weekend in Sochi…it’s a can’t miss game whether you wager on it or not.

Women’s Olympic Speed Skating Betting Options (Saturday 5am EST)

The best part about betting on speed skating? You don’t need to know a damn thing about the sport to enjoy betting on it. Not only is random betting on speed skating a great drinking game with friends, it’s a very exciting sport to watch overall and is easily a must bet Winter Olympic event at Sochi this weekend for those that love spreading around some $5 chipshots for fun. The women’s short track 1500m event is on Saturday at 5am EST with Suk Hee Shim posting as the -110 favorite to win it out. She’ll be pressured by a slew of fellow Koreans, Chinese and Jorien Ter Mors who is my personal favorite at +2000. 

Men’s Skeleton Olympic Betting Options (Friday 6:30am EST)

Now here’s a sport where Latvia thrives! Martins Dukurs and his brother, Tomass, are the odds on favorites to win the Men’s Skeleton this weekend. Americans John Daly (+1800) and Matt Antonio (+2000) are reasonable bets as well. Honestly, the skeleton continues to baffle me as a sports fan. I still feel like a bunch of athletes who couldn’t hack the luge invented it to get medals. Even if that’s not true at all, the Dukurs are phenomenal to watch and Martins is also coming off a gold medal performance at the World Championships. As crazy as this sport is, it still gives way to the best of the best so Dukurs should lead the way when you bet your favorite Winter Olympic events from Sochi over the weekend.