Olympic Men’s Soccer Gold Medal Picks From Rio 2016

Olympic Men’s Soccer Gold Medal Picks From Rio 2016

Olympic Men’s Soccer Gold Medal Picks From Rio 2016

The Olympics is a big deal for the soccer fans in Rio in 2016. The last World Cup took place in Brazil. The proud Brazilians lost in the semi-finals. It was devastating. So devastating in fact that Brazil decided to keep Neymar from playing at the Copa America Centanario this year so that he could play in the Olympics. That gives Brazil a huge advantage over its competition. Is there any team that could challenge the Brazilians for gold or will Brazil bring back some semblance of pride to its soccer fans?

A Closer Look At My Olympic Men’s Soccer Gold Medal Picks From Rio 2016

Olympic Men’s Soccer Odds
Brazil 6-5 8-5
Germany 4-1 5-1
Argentina 4-1 5-2
Portugal 11-1 9-1
Colombia 20-1 18-1
Mexico 22-1 22-1
South Korea 25-1 25-1
Algeria 25-1 30-1
Japan 30-1 30-1
Sweden 40-1 35-1
Denmark 40-1 40-1
South Africa 40-1 40-1
Nigeria 40-1 40-1
Iraq 100-1 100-1
Honduras 125-1 125-1
Fiji 300-1 300-1

The Olympic Odds-On Favorite To Win Men’s Soccer Gold In Rio: Brazil 8/5

Brazil has never won gold at the Olympics. That could all change with 24-year-old Neymar on the pitch. Neymar is one of the top strikers in the world. He’ll be the most skilled player in every single one of Brazil’s matches. The Brazilian’s also got a break by having to take on Iraq, Denmark and South Africa in their group. None of those teams should be able to take down Brazil and its star striker. With that being written, the odds are awfully low on a national program that has been falling since the 2014 World Cup. I can’t take those odds. I’m looking elsewhere.   

The Olympic Smart Pick To Win Men’s Soccer Gold In Rio: Germany 5/1

If the Germans win gold at Rio, they’re going to earn it. Fiji shouldn’t present much of a problem. But both South Korea and Mexico decent under-23 soccer programs. My hope is that the Germans play much better than their third choice 5/1 odds indicate. Nils Petersen, Sven Bender and Lars Bender will be counted on to keep the youngsters in check. When it comes to soccer, Germany usually always plays well. I’m hoping that will be the case in Rio.

The Olympic Longshot Pick To Win Soccer Gold In Rio: Mexico 22/1

El Tri won the gold medal at the 2012 London Olympics. The Mexicans don’t have an under-23 national program that’s anywhere close to what Germany, France, or Argentina boasts, but it’s getting there. More importantly, how often do you get to bet on a defending champion at 22/1 odds?  Mexico’s chances could depend on how strong South Korea and Germany is. I like that the Mexican’s put 33-year-old goalkeeper Alfredo Talavera on the team. Talavera can keep this team together.