Olympic gold medal betting odds

Rio 2016 Olympic Gold Medal Count Picks

The 2016 Rio Olympics are here!  As in most Olympics, the United States is heavily favored to win the most gold medals. The Chinese are second place since the Russians can’t compete in every Olympic event in Rio. A host of other nations are offering decent odds comparable to their expected gold medal count. Is U.S.A. the best bet on the board?  Or, is a nation like China the way to go?  Is there a long shot based on the odds and the gold medal count that could provide profits?

A Closer Look At My Rio 2016 Olympic Gold Medal Count Picks

Olympic Gold Medal Total Over/Unders
United States 41.5 -120 Even
China 34.5 -125 +105
Great Britain 18.5 -110 -110
Germany 15.5 -110 -110
Japan 12.5 +115 -135
Australia 12.5 -185 +165
France 12.5 -115 -105
South Korea 10.5 -110 -110
New Zealand 8.5 -130 +110
Netherlands 7.5 +105 -125
Italy 7.5 +125 -145
Brazil 6.5 -210 +180
Cuba 6.5 -130 +110
Kenya 6.5 -125 +105
Hungary 5.5 -135 +115
Spain 4.5 -110 -110
Belarus 3.5 +175 -200
Canada 2.5 +160 -180


The Odds-On Favorite Pick To Win The Most Gold Medals: United States 41.5, Over -120

The United States won 46 gold medals at the 2012 London Olympics. That’s a lot of gold medals. Rio could be different. USA isn’t nearly the biggest favorite on the board due to the high 41.5 medals. The reason that Rio could be different is because USA’s swim team isn’t as formidable as it has been now that Michael Phelps is older. Not only that, but Team USA overall suffered some athlete losses due to the Zika virus. Grabbing 42 gold medals appears to be asking a lot.

The Gold Medal Count Smart Pick: China 34.5, Over -125

China’s Olympic program continues to get better and better. The Chinese won 38 gold medals at the 2012 London Games. The Chinese could eclipse that mark at Rio in 2016. The reason that I like the Chinese as the smart bet is due to their 34.5 number. It’s lower than the U.S.’s number of gold medals. Not only that, but unlike the U.S., where athletes have a choice, China is still a communist country, meaning that if an athlete wants to receive government training, the expectation is that the athlete has to go for gold in the Olympics. No Zika excuses from China at Rio 2016.

The Gold Medal Count Longshot Bet: Japan 12.5, Over +115

The Japanese only have to win 13 gold medals in order to score at over even money. To me, that’s a bargain. Japan has the top ranked men’s gymnastics team on the planet. Not only that, but the Japanese could take Russia’s place as the third team with the most medals at the Olympic Games if, as to be expected, the IOC comes down hard on Russia’s athletes. The doping scandal in Russia could send all of their athletes, or most of them, home. Japan only needs to step it up to gold 13 times. I love the above even money odds.