Olympic Men’s Rugby Gold Medal Expert Picks

Olympic Men’s Rugby Gold Medal Expert Picks

Olympic Men’s Rugby Gold Medal Expert Picks

Rugby is once again an Olympic Sport. But the Olympics will have Rugby Sevens as part of the Olympic program, not Rugby Fifteen. Traditional Rugby utilizes 15 players while Rugby Sevens utilizes 7 players on each side. What’s even crazier is that Rugby Sevens employs 7 minute halves. What it means is that teams who are used to playing traditional rugby union with 15 players could be at a disadvantage in Rio.

Which Men’s squad should you bet on to win Rugby gold? Will favored South Africa rule the day? Is Fiji the team to back?

A Closer Look At My Olympic Men’s Rugby Gold Medal Expert Picks

Olympic Men’s Rugby Sevens Odds
Fiji 9-4 9-5
South Africa 11-4 9-4
New Zealand 2-1 5-2
Australia 8-1 10-1
Great Britain 11-1 10-1
United States 20-1 25-1
Kenya 40-1 30-1
France 60-1 40-1
Argentina 40-1 50-1
Japan 300-1 250-1
Spain 250-1 250-1
Brazil 500-1 500-1

The Odds-On Favorite To Win Men’s Rugby Gold In Rio: South Africa 9/4

South Africa opened at 11-4 odds before being bet down to 9/4. South Africa, Fiji and New Zealand were tied for first place after the first 4 rounds of the Rugby Sevens World Championships last season. South Africa ended up losing the title to Fiji. In fact, Fiji has won the last 2 Rugby Sevens World Championships. Why am I writing all of this?  I am doing so because South Africa presents low odds considering that they couldn’t beat Fiji at the last world championships.

The Smart Betting Pick To Win Men’s Rugby Gold In Rio: New Zealand 5/2

Out of the 3 top ranked teams, Fiji, New Zealand and South Africa, the Kiwis offer the fairest odds to win gold in Rio. Like South Africa, New Zealand was tied with Fiji after the first 4 rounds of last season’s Rugby Sevens World Championships. New Zealand lost the last 3 events to finish in third place behind South Africa and Fiji. At much better odds than South Africa’s 9/4 and Fiji’s 9/5, New Zealand shapes up as the best, smartest, bet to win the gold in the Men’s Rugby Tournament at the 2016 Rio Olympics. I just hope that they don’t implode the way what they did in the world championships. 

The Longshot Betting Pick To Win Men’s Rugby Gold In Rio: Australia 10/1

At first glance, there’s no reason to expect Australia to beat Fiji, South Africa or New Zealand for gold in the Rugby Sevens at the Rio Olympics. Australia has a combined 3-16-1 record versus the 3 favorites. But, then, the number 3 keeps popping up. The 2016 Olympic Games could be one of those moments where the Australians step it up big time and everything falls into place. They’ve won 3 times versus the Top 3 Rugby Sevens teams in the world. Considering that Australia might be the only team that could beat New Zealand, South Africa or Fiji for gold, the 10 to 1 odds are too tempting to pass up.