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2014 World Cup Odds Update – Argentina Is Brazil’s Nightmare

It should come as no surprise that Brazil remains the favorite in the recent 2014 World Cup Odds update. They’re pretty much the top dog in the World Cup betting market every four years anyways, and the announcement of their roster was a cavalcade of renowned players that would leave any coach in the world gushing. Surely, the pressure is on for the host country.

2014 World Cup Odds Update

  • Brazil +300
  • Argentina +400
  • Germany +500
  • Spain +650
  • Belgium +1300
  • Columbia +2000
  • France +2200
  • England +2500
  • Netherlands +2500
  • Italy +2500
  • Uruguay +2500
  • Portugal +3000

Most casual soccer fans simply assume that Brazil is the best team in the World Cup because that’s been the thinking for decades. But make no mistake about the density of talent across the World Cup scene: Brazil is not alone at the top of the board and are likely only marginal favorites because of what promises to be an astounding home field advantage.

I recently asked a friend of mine who calls Brazil his home what the worse case scenario for his home country was this summer: Brazil losing in the finals (because ya know…riots without a championship to wake up to) or seeing Argentina win it all. Keep in mind that Lionel Messi and company are right behind Brazil in the last 2014 World Cup odds update at +400.

The look on my friends face said it all. He could bear losing the World Cup in his home country, even though he admitted that it would likely be the BEST THING TO EVER HAPPEN EVER but the fear of Argentina winning the World Cup in Brazil was horrifying. I suppose that the equivalent would have been seeing Team USA beat Team Canada at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver but the magnitude is times infinity. That sort of thing.

Argentina has advanced to the quarter-finals in the past two World Cups and then flamed out in spectacular fashion, but the threat has always been there and it has never been more prevalent than in the 2014 World Cup odds update where they’re the second favorite by a very tight margin.

FIFA World Cup Rankings as of May 8, 2014
Position Nation Change Points
1. Spain 0 1460
2. Germany 0 1340
3. Portugal 0 1245
4. Brazil Up 2 1210
5. Colombia Down 1 1186
6. Uruguay Down 1 1181
7. Argentina Down 1 1178
8. Switzerland 0 1161
9. Italy 0 1115
10. Greece 0 1082
11. England 0 1043
12. Belgium 0 1039
13. Chile Up 1 1037
14. USA Down 1 1015
15. Netherlands 0 967
16. France 0 935
17. Ukraine 0 913
18. Russia 0 903
19. Mexico 0 877
20. Croatia 0 871

Very distant on the board is Portugal, a 30-to-1 drop in the bucket that represents my favorite longshot on the board. I just feel like they’ve been building towards something special as a program for the last few years, and Cristiano Ronaldo seems like he’s hitting some sort of apex as a player. The talent surrounding him is also much better.

As will be the case leading up to the event of the summer (sorry, Godzilla), Brazil is the no-brainer take. You HAVE to bet them, simply so you can share in the joy when they win. They’re also always the best team in the tournament even if they don’t live up to the expectations. But if for some reason you don’t like the hosts to reign supreme, Lionel Messi and Argentina represent the most scandalous bet in the latest 2014 World Cup odds update.