Champions League Round of 16 Betting Picks

Champions League Round of 16 Betting Picks

The Champions League Round of 16 betting matchups are already underway with Barcelona already punched through after a solid 1-0 blanking of Manchester City while Paris Saint-Germain ran roughshod against Bayer Leverkusen 3-0. If anyone is going to challenge Bayern, it’s most likely to be Barcelona but this has been a bizarre year, and the remaining matchups in the Round of 16 will definitely draw some interesting outcomes.

Champions League Round of 16 Betting Picks – WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 19TH

Lines for the Wednesday games this week are already live, and you can hit the book right now to check out all the money lines, spreads and draws!

Bayern Munich -130 over Arsenal (2:45pm EST)

Simply put, Bayern Munich is unstoppable. They’ve rampaged the Champions League this year with an undefeated campaign, while scoring a mind boggling 57 goals in just 21 campaigns. There are no weaknesses on this team, and everything they do seems to come without much effort. For all intents and purposes, Bayern Munich is an automatic Champions League Round of 16 betting pick for most handicappers.

This is a nauseatingly rough draw for Arsenal, but they have been improving steadily throughout the year. It’s not unfathomable for Arsenal to register an upset here, but that also seems far fetched given how rigid Bayern has played. Part of me likes Arsenal as an upstart play here, but with just a half-goal on the spread here there isn’t much reason to believe that the Arsene Wenger’s crew is ready for the spotlight against such a dialed in opponent.

Crazier things have happened but our money is generally safer with Bayern Munich, especially with a relatively soft Championship League Round of 16 betting line.

Atletico Madrid +120 over AC Milan (2:45pm EST)

The overwhelming popularity of AC Milan could be a bit of a misnomer to the casual gambler, and truthfully speaking, neither side has a ton of elite level talent. But Atletico Madrid has been playing well above their potential. They play a fantastic brand of team defense that frustrates and confounds some opponents, and have been chosen by many to be the actual dark horse of this competition. AC Milan has the name value, but Atletico Madrid is easily a stronger Champions League Round of 16 betting pick.

Champions League Round of 16 Betting Picks – TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 25TH

Champions League Round of 16 odds for this pair of matchups will be released later this week. Check back in our sportsbook!

Borussia Dortmund over Zenit St. Petersburg (12pm EST)

Zenit slipped in to the Round of 16 betting pool by the skin of their teeth with an historically low point total to boot. Even with all the mayhem surrounding Borussia Dortmund this season, there’s no point in siding with Zenit in this one. Jurgen Klopp has created a foundation for mental toughness that few clubs have, making Borussia a solid take in this particular game. They could be a massively sneaky long-term play as well.

Manchester United over Olympiakos (2:45pm EST)

There is a ton of angst in Manchester United, as there always is around this club when the pressure’s on, but Olypmiakos just dealt away one of their best players in Kostas MItroglou which is as much of a white flag wave as you can get. If you’re the type that always likes to bet against Manchester United when the heat is cranking, you’re more than welcome to, but I still prefer them in my own Championship League Round of 16 betting picks.