Scenes from the World Cup 2014 from Brazil

FIFA World Cup 2014 Predictions – Can Anyone Stop Brazil At Home?

Who in their right mind is going to make any FIFA World Cup 2014 predictions that don’t involve Brazil winning at home? Five hosts have won the tournament including Uruguay (1930), Italy (1934), England (1966), Germany (1974) and France (1998). Besides being the best soccer team in the tournament, Brazil’s home field advantage will be monumental. It’s impossible to stare at their +300 odds to win the whole thing as anything other than free money.

But there’s always a chance, which is why we play the games, right? So let’s take a peak at the other teams that have a fighting chance to hoist the illustrious trophy while I make some crazy FIFA World Cup 2014 predictions of my own.

My FIFA World Cup 2014 Predictions

Should You Bet On Team USA To Win the 2014 World Cup (+16000)

Sometimes the odds tell you to just run away in the other direction, but Team USA has been in a bit of a funk lately despite what the media will try to suggest otherwise. There’s been an overhaul in the coaching staff and many of the stalwarts including Jay DeMerit who helped anchor the defense in 2010. Landon Donovan still has the legs and leadership to help push Team USA over the top, but this has been an uneasy qualifying set for the Americans and I not only expect them to survive the group stage where they drew Group G that boasts Germany (+500) and Portugal (+3000) as well. This is going to be a rough, transition session for Team USA at the upcoming 2014 FIFA Word Cup.

Spain Vs. Netherlands May Be A Deciding Factor In the 2014 World Cup

The schedule makers are providing us a treat by giving us a rematch of the last World Cup Finals on the very first day of action, with defending champion Spain taking on the scruffy Dutchmen. I’m not really going out on a limb with this lofty FIFA World Cup 2014 prediction, but I’m more so just drawing attention to a mega match that’s a damn treat to behold for us fans on June 13th when the World Cup gets rolling.

Can Brazil Win the 2014 World Cup At Home?

I just think the pressure will be too great for Brazil, and the world stage has raised its level heading in to the tournament. Argentina is probably the best, overall team in the tourney at +400 while Germany comes in third at +500. Brazil has an early nod considering their woeful group draw but disappointment will loom overhead throughout and eventually the insurmountable pressure will cause them to crack. I still want them to win at home, but there’s a fear here that the expectations of their country will cause them to break in the heat of the moment.

Should You Bet The 2014 World Cup Tie Line?

I’m a huge fan of betting ties at the World Cup. Call me weird, but I find it fascinating. During the group stage of the last World Cup there were 14 ties in the opening 42 games. Doesn’t sound like a lot does it? Well it isn’t, until you consider that ties usually pay out 5-to-1 or way higher. The pressure, anxiety and magnitude of the World Cup tends to choke up great teams a bit while letting bad teams cut loose with nothing to lose. 

I’m not suggesting that you bet all of the ties, but upsets run rampant in the group stage as well and the World Cup is typically a tournament where the best teams in the world struggle. Look at what happened to France – one of 2010’s legitimate favorites – who lost or tied all of their group stage matchups. You won’t always win a bet on a tie, but it’s like hitting a parlay bet. You can turn a tiny bit of change in to a truck load if you keep hitting it. It might not be the best FiFA World Cup 2014 prediction, but it’s certainly the craziest. And I love me some crazy.

I’ll have more to say about the world’s greatest tournament as we get closer to the date, including bigger breakdowns of the strongest teams and the best bets on the board. I love Italy at +2500 to win it all even though they’re perennial choke artists on the grandest stage of them all. Check back to the news section for more FIFA World Cup 2014 predictions, and if you feel like taking your shot at the big board, the futures odds are already posted.