World Cup Betting Odds & Picks

Updated World Cup 2014 Picks

Going against Brazil in updated World Cup 2014 picks (view odds here) seems like insanity, especially when you consider that the Brazilians are almost always the favorite win the damn thing every four years. With the tournament taking place in Rio this year, is there any way you can bet against the hosts?

Well, it’s a bit too early to be making World Cup 2014 picks, but the tournament is creeping towards us quickly and will kick off right after the end of the NBA Finals. We are getting spoiled as sports fans this year!

The host country has won the World Cup 5 times out of 19 tries. The last country to win the World Cup in front of their home country was France in 1998. Argentina also took home the illustrious cup in Buenos Aires in 1978, while England won their last World Cup in 1966 in Wembley Stadium. Italy and Uruguay also won the first two World Cups on their home turf.

The inverse thinking tot his is that the host country has lost the World Cup 14 of 19 times, but that’s not always the case. In fact, the host country has only been to the finals twice and lost and both occasions happened decades ago. The first time the World Cup was hosted by Brazil, the Brazilians lost to Uruguay 2-1 in 1950. Brazil also beat Sweden 5-2 in 1958 when the games were held in Solna.

Does any of those make you want to bet against Brazil? I say no – the host team always gets a boost, which is exactly what we saw with South Africa four years ago. Brazil is already a powerhouse in this sport and is going to be the favorite in World Cup 2014 picks once the odds come out. A group draw that has them lined up against Croatia, Mexico and Cameroon all but assures a push through to the knockout stage.

Perhaps my favorite bunch in the group stage is Group D which pits Uruguay, Costa Rica, Italy and England against one another. The pressure is always on for England, which is nearly a half-century removed from their last World Cup win. Pesky Uruguay finished fourth in 2010, while Italy is always an oily threat to slip through. As for Costa Rica, they’re a fun team that could be exceedingly enjoyable as an underdog in specific World Cup 2014 picks depending on the matchup.

In a weird twist of fate, the Netherlands and Spain were drawn in to Group B together. Spain is the defending World Cup champion, while Netherlands was the runner-up during a spectacular finals. The Dutch were also responsible for knocking out Brazil in 2010. The opening day of the 2014 World Cup will feature a rematch of the last finals as Spain and the Netherlands take each other on at 4pm EST on June 13th in what promises to be a scintillating opening day.

We’ll have all the betting lines you need to enjoy this grand event properly. Obviously, Brazil will remain the favorite in updated World Cup 2014 picks up until the knockout stage when the upstarts start stealing a bit of the spotlight from the host team. But when it comes to soccer on a global scale, can anyone beat Brazil? I wouldn’t bet on it…yet.