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First Day NCAA Tournament Betting Advice

The first day of the NCAA Tournament is nearly upon us, and I a few pieces of betting advice to dish out. There are sixteen games on Thursday alone, and just as many on Friday. Stay calm and carry on with these nuggets of wisdom.

One of the best pieces of first day NCAA Tournament betting advice I can give is to bet the OVER, which is usually hit more often in the Round of 64 and 32 than in the later rounds where the UNDER is a stronger, historical play. Teams are fresh, still riding plenty of momentum and are more than ready to unleash hell on the TOTAL.

You also have to keep in mind that almost every single team in the second and third round is wildly unfamiliar with their opponent. Stopping teams defensively requires some familiarity and you can watch all the game tape you want, but experiencing an opponent on the floor is totally different. Take the OVER more often as a hedge play, or a flat out money maker on the first day of the NCAA Tournament.

The underdogs tend to be a stronger moneyline play in the opening day because we all know that the NCAA tournament can be absolute bedlam. Part of my betting advice for the first day has been to hammer the moneyline dogs, but the safer play might be betting a flurry of underdog covers. I mean, if they’re winning straight up nearly 68% of the time, then you can be pretty comfortable with the dogs covering some pretty tight spreads on day one.

Probably the best First Day NCAA Tournament betting advice I can give is to be reserved. You have no idea what the mood of March Madness is going to be, and gambling  can lead to all sorts of surprises. Don’t go blowing your entire wallet on the opening set of games just because you’re excited for the greatest gambling stretch of the year. If you’re going to listen to any of my NCAA Tournament betting advice for the first day, it’s to play it with a measure of calm reserve.

That doesn’t mean you don’t have to get excited – just be smart with your money.

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