FOX Sports 1 UFC Fight Night: Bigfoot Vs Mir Betting Odds, Analysis & Prediction

FOX Sports 1 UFC Fight Night: Bigfoot Vs Mir Betting Odds, Analysis & Prediction

FOX Sports 1 UFC Fight Night: Bigfoot Vs Mir Betting Odds, Analysis & Prediction

The UFC heavyweight division is deeper than I can ever remember, but for FOX Sports 1 UFC Fight Night Dana White went into the retirement home to brush the dust of a couple of has-beens. Former UFC heavyweight title challenger Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva will square off against former 2-time heavyweight champion Frank Mir, the first of which came in 2004.

Silva is vying for a comeback after a rollercoaster year where he sat out under a suspension only to return and get finished by Andrei Arlovski in his last bout.

Mir will enter the octagon on a four-fight losing streak in what could be his last action in the UFC if he were to lose.

A Closer Look At The UFC Fight Night Bigfoot Vs Mir Betting Odds, Analysis & Prediction

UFC Fight Night: #8 Antonio Silva vs #13 Frank Mir
Date: Feb. 22, 2015 
Start Time: 5:00 p.m. ET 
Location: Porto Alegre, Brazil
Stadium: Ginásio do Gigantinho
TV Info: FOX Sports 1
Stream: UFC Network

UFC Odds: Bigfoot -240 vs Mir +200

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Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva Will Beat Frank Mir If

Bigfoot can stary on his feet

Silva’s knock-out percentage is 78%. That’s a high percentage for a guy that has 18 fights and only 6 losses in UFC. He’s one of the best known fighters on the planet still, but he faces a guy in Mir that simply has better percentages on the ground than he does.

The best thing that Silva can do is to keep on his feet and not let Mir get him to the mat. If he does, he could be in some trouble. Bigfoot is decent at defending take downs, 65.38% of the time, and that should give his backers confidence. The ability to prevent take downs and the heavier hands, that knockout percentage, is one of the reasons why Bigfoot is a -305 favorite to beat Frank Mir. He’s not as accurate with his strikes as Mir, but he throws more per minute and he defends against strikes better than Mir.

Frank Mir Will Beat Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva If

Mir can turn it into a grappling match.

Mir has one shot at beating Bigfoot and that’s to get this battle to the ground as soon as possible. Frank is skilled at landing shots, his accuracy is 47.86% when it comes to striking, but he’s also good at taking shots. Mir defends against strikes at only 37.09%. That’s just not going to cut it against a heavy handed striker like Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva who lands 2.94 strikes per minute compared to Frank Mir’s 2.14 strikes per minute. Mir also absorbs an average of 4 strikes a minute.

But when it comes to grappling, Mir has a slight advantage. His submission average is 2.34 compared to Silva’s .95 submission average. Frank Mir’s best work occurs on the ground. It’s his only shot to beat Bigfoot because if Mir stands toe to toe with Silva, he’s likely to get crushed.

UFC Betting Prediction:  Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva to beat Frank Mir by decision