No one expected the distance in this fight…

No One Expected The Distance In This Fight

In what all the experts were calling the fastest fight on the card, Melvin Guillard and Michael Johnson gave the crowd what they really wanted, a hard hitting slugfest that went the distance. Both of these fighters are knockout specialists, they pride themselves on their heavy hands and ability to attack their opponents very quickly. In this particular fight the total was set at 1.5 rounds with Johnson a slight favorite, as soon as the opening bell sounded they were at each other like they hatted one another.

Melvin Guillard really showed us how strong of a jaw he really has, this guy took a beating in that cage and never went down. He countered pretty well but the main issue was his timing, it seemed that he could never calculate Johnson´s speed and missed 60% of his power shots. Their styles were very similar and neither of the fighters really looked to take the fight to the ground. Guillard did what he had to in each round but just didn’t have the conviction Johnson had. Melvin has to push through this fight, he is an experienced fighter and knows how to win, these back to back losses hurt but I bet we see him again this year in a last chance bout.

Michael Johnson picked Melvin apart all fight long, he stood back and jabbed for most of the first round to create the separation he wanted then he would push Guillard against the cage and pound the body for a while. His speed is what made all the difference in this fight. Not allowing Melvin time to counter on direct hits and constantly moving around gave Johnson the win in every round. In the end the fight went to division with the unanimous choice going to Michael Johnson as he know feels he has earned a shot at the title in the lightweight division.

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