World Cup 2014 Predictions For Day 6

World Cup 2014 Predictions are Seventh Heaven!

If you’re looking for some World Cup 2014 predictions, then look no further! The eye-opening predictions you’re about to get on one of the world’s most engaging athletic tournaments, will help you make a series of potentially winning wagers that leave you in seventh heaven over the course of the almost month-long tournament.

With the start of the 2014 World Cup just days away, let’s get the ball rolling.

My World Cup 2014 Predictions

Brazil Wins Group A…it’s a lock!

  • Brazil -500
  • Croatia +800
  • Mexico +900
  • Cameroon +2500

Analysis: I have absolutely no idea why Croatia is favored over Mexico…(oh yeah…idiotic mismanagement), but either way, the host nation is the clear-cut favorite in Group A.

Sure, Brazil won’t have cakewalk wins over either of their aforementioned group rivals, but with a trio the like of Fred, hulk and the incredible Neymar, the Brazilians simple have too much firepower to lose!

It’s a damn shame Cameroon is in this group, or else they’d actually stand a chance at advancing.

France Wins Group E…and could challenge for it all!

  • France -125
  • Switzerland +250
  • Ecuador +400
  • Honduras +2800

Analysis: According to, one of the leading interactive world cup websites today, France has an outstanding opportunity (80%) to advance to the final 16 and a very respectable chance (24%) to reach the semifinal round. Hell, the French have a solid chance to reach the final (11%) according t o the aforementioned website and I guess, at least a shot to bring home the bacon at 4%.

Still, after going winless in 2010, winning the group title would be a solid feat…and I say this squad gets it done with flair this time around. France has one of the best mixes of veteran leadership and youthful exuberance, but it is blossoming superstar, Paul Pogba, that will likely be the key to how far this team really goes this year. Oh…just so you know, France demolished Jamaica 8-0 this past weekend and will head into the 2014 World Cup with some serious momentum.

Germany Wins Group G…and could contend for the World Cup hardware!

  • Germany -150
  • Portugal +250
  • Ghana +900
  • USA +900

Analysis: Germany has the third-best chance to win the 2014 World Cup according to many World Cup oddsmakers and analysts and it’s my guy, striker Thomas Muller that is the key to Germany’s success.

He can play anywhere across the frontline and can put the ball in the goal with the best players on the planet in my mind. Muller won the Golden Boot at the last World Cup and I believe the Bayern Munich superstar could be headed for an even bigger reward this time around.

Can the USA qualify from Group G?

  • Yes +250
  • No -350

Analysis: The good ‘ol USA has a 36% chance of advancing out of Group G, but I’m thinking it’s a bit higher than that after seeing Jozy Altidore go all Pele this past weekend. Okay, okay…I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up. The reality of the situation is that the U.S. is not nearly as talented – or cohesive – as my favored Germany or Portugal. I’m sorry, but outside of Altidore and goalkeeper Tim Howard, I’m just not overly impressed with anyone on the American team – and I’m American. 

Sergio Aguero (14/1) to win World Cup scoring title!

I know there are a lot of outstanding goal scorers that are competing in the 2014 World Cup – and that many are favored over my pick, Sergio Aguero (including teammate, Lionel Messi at 7/1) but I’m sticking with my guns here, simply because I believe the oft-injured striker is primed to show the world just how good he really is when fully healthy.

I’m not the only person that believes Aguero is going to win the goal scorer title either. Teammate Pablo Zabaleta had this to say about his electrifying countryman.

“When it comes to scoring goals, I don’t think there will be anyone better at the World Cup finals,” Zabaleta said. “When you look at the number of goals he scores against minutes on the pitch then it is clear he is an ­incredible striker. When he sees the goal, he never seems to miss. That’s why he doesn’t need too many chances. If Argentina have a good World Cup and Sergio stays fit, then he will score goals.

Argentina to win top South American team

Sorry Brazil…my vote goes to Argentina. Messi and Aguero lead the way…and no…I don’t have any particular reasons for believing this, except to say that Brazil faces so much pressure, I think they could end up choking.

Germany, France or Argentina OVER Brazil to win the 2014 World Cup!

You heard it here first! I like Germany, France or Argentina, in that order, to beat out Brazil and win the 2014 World Cup.