Scenes from the World Cup 2014 from Brazil

All 32 World Cup Team Betting Odds

If you’re getting ready for the rapidly approaching 2014 World Cup and you’re making preparations to begin your World Cup betting action, then an early look at each team’s chances of winning it all is a virtual must.

Not only that, but actually trying to cash in with a winning wager on one of these bankroll-boosting futures bets makes this wager a fun-filled event as long as the team or teams you wager on remain alive throughout the course of the tournament.

Okay, here’s a look at all 32 teams, broken up into my own special groups.

The Favorites To Win The 2014 World Cup

  • Brazil 3/1
  • Argentina 4/1
  • Germany 5/1
  • Spain 13/2
  • Belgium 13/1
  • Colombia 20/1
  • France 22/1

Could Brazil win the 2014 World Cup?

Brazil is absolutely loaded with talent – not to mention they’re playing at home. Of course, they’re no lock to win it all, but they’re undoubtedly elite – and they’re basically playing at home. Of course, the Brazilians aren’t alone in their status as an elite World Cup title contender.

Just last month, in an exclusive interview with Yahoo Sports at Hofstra University, legendary football great Pele, went on record to say that he believed that Brazil was neither the first or second favorite to win the World Cup.

“It is difficult to say, it is difficult because the World Cup is a box of surprises. There are teams that are there all the time like Italy, England, and Argentina. All those countries – France too. In the moment, I’ve seen a lot of games. I follow some teams. Today, one month and a half, two months out – to me – the two best teams are Spain and Germany,” Pele said. “To win? I don’t know. But I think the two best teams are Germany and Spain. They are better prepared for the World Cup.”

Who Else Has The Odds To Win The 2014 World Cup

  • England 25/1
  • Italy 25/1
  • Netherlands 25/1
  • Uruguay 25/1
  • Portugal 30/1
  • Chile 40/1

Could Portugal win the 2014 World Cup?

Italy and England are probably ‘better’ teams than Portugal, but for one reason or another, I think they could both fall a tad short in their respective group. Besides, isn’t it fun picking one of the group underdogs?

Who Are The Long Shots To Win The 2014 World Cup?

  • Russia 75/1
  • Switzerland 100/1
  • Ecuador 120/1
  • Mexico 130/1
  • Japan 140/1
  • Ivory Coast 150/1
  • U.S.A 160/1
  • Croatia 200/1
  • Bosnia-Herz 210/1

Can Japan Win the World Cup?

No, not really, but I think they’re probably the most disciplined team out of all the ones I have grouped together in my ‘Outside Shot’ section.

Probably Not Ghana Happen!

  • Ghana 240/1
  • Greece 250/1
  • Nigeria 250/1
  • South Korea 400/1
  • Cameroon 600/1
  • Australia 650/1
  • Algeria 1000/1
  • Costa Rica 1000/1
  • Honduras 1000/1
  • Iran 1000/1

Can Costa Rica win the 2014 World Cup?

Hell no they can’t! This will be their fourth World Cup competition and they have never made it past the last 16, but hey, when I pick an underdog, I go all out. Besides, the Ticos had the best defensive record in their qualifying group play, allowing just seven goals in 10 games. Unfortunately, they’ve also lost their last four World Cup matches, all while allowing a whopping 14 goals or an average of 3.5 per contest.

So, there you have it football fans, that’s the betting odds on all 32 teams in the 2014 World Cup. Bet wisely.