World Cup Betting Guide for Dummies

World Cup Betting Guide for Dummies

If you’re excited about the quickly approaching 2014 World Cup soccer tournament, but you’re a bit of a novice when it comes to betting on the world’s most popular sport, then you’re going to love this fun-filled, yet insightful World Cup Betting Guide for Dummies.

No, while you’re not going to get any fee expert World Cup picks or even any insight as to which teams are the favorites in this year’s globally-encompassing futbol tournament, you will find out all about the multitude of ways to bet on the beloved tourney.

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil
June 12-July 13

While most Americans treat soccer like an unwanted stepchild, the fact of the matter is that in every other country besides the U.S., soccer is the No.1 sports for both, players and fans.

Not only that, but the wagering that takes place on soccer matches is pretty much a year-round, continuous opportunity for football lovers to potentially cash in. Nevertheless, there are some vast differences between betting on the sport Americans know as soccer and the sport we all know and love as American football.

First off, unless you’re using the Asian Handicapping system, there are three ways to nail a soccer wager. You can either bet on the favorite, the underdog or a draw. In Asian Handicapping, the draw option is removed for bettors and replaced with a system that gives the underdog ‘goals’ or deducts goals from the favorite.

World Cup Match Betting Line

A general soccer line may look something like this.

Real Madrid -170
Draw +200
Manchester United +150

World Cup Match Over/Under Total Betting

Just like most other sports betting, you can simplify your betting a bit by wagering on any match’s Over/Under Total. The odds for such wagering may look something like this.

Over/Under 2.5
Real Madrid vs. Man U.

You can bet that either more than 2.5 goals will be scored in the match or fewer than 2.5 goals.

What Other Types of World Cup Bets Can I Make?

World Cup Props Bets

Once again, just like most other team sports betting events, betting on soccer also offers the opportunity to cash in on some fun-filled – and potentially huge profitable – props bets. You can wager on specific halves or make first-goal bets and individual player props bets.

Get the Insider Info!

If you want to be a winner at World Cup betting – and not just on this year’s tournament – then you should employ a series of techniques that will improve your chances of cashing in.

First, make sure you’re following the teams you plan on betting on or against. There’s nothing quite like knowing how a team is trending with its on-field play or knowing its overall mindset heading into a specific match. Get as much information as possible about the teams you plan on wagering on whether you’re looking at their roster, trends or motivation.

Head-to-Head Records & Other World Cup Betting Trends

Make sure you get the head-to-head record (if there is one) for the match you plan on betting on. This is often a great indicator as to how certain teams perform against other particularly if they’ve had any recent meetings.

Keep an Eye on Individual Players

Is there a superstar player competing in a match you plan on betting on? Is there an above average player with extra motivation to both, perform well – or extract revenge against his opponent? Are there any off-the-pitch distractions that could throw a monkey wrench into a particular team’s tourney plans? Knowing all of these things and more will help you maximize all of your World Cup soccer bets.

Check the Home and Away Records!

Just like every other sport, soccer teams generally play a lot better at home than they do on the road in hostile environments. Make sure you always take into account the home and away records and recent performances at both venues, into account before making your 2014 World Cup soccer tournament wagers.

Here are our latest odds for who is going to win each group in the 2014 World Cup:

World Cup 2014: Group Winner Odds
Group A Brazil (1/5) Croatia (8/1) Mexico (9/1) Cameroon (25/1)
Group B Spain (2/3) Netherlands (3/1) Chile (15/4) Australia (66/1)
Group C Colombia (20/21) Ivory Coast (3/1) Japan (4/1) Greece (7/1)
Group D Italy (8/5) Uruguay (9/5) England (9/4) Costa Rica (50/1)
Group E France (4/5) Switzerland (5/2) Ecuador (4/1) Honduras (28/1)
Group F Argentina (1/5) Bosnia-Herzegovina (6/1) Nigeria (10/1) Iran (40/1)
Group G Germany (2/3) Portugal (5/2) Ghana (9/1) USA (9/1)
Group H Belgium (4/7) Russia (12/5) South Korea (7/1) Algeria (22/1)