Will Team USA fans rejoice tonight when they face Ghana in the World Cup Group stage matchup

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Here are our latest odds for who is going to win each group in the 2014 World Cup:

World Cup 2014: Group Winner Odds
Group A Brazil (1/5) Croatia (8/1) Mexico (9/1) Cameroon (25/1)
Group B Spain (2/3) Netherlands (3/1) Chile (15/4) Australia (66/1)
Group C Colombia (20/21) Ivory Coast (3/1) Japan (4/1) Greece (7/1)
Group D Italy (8/5) Uruguay (9/5) England (9/4) Costa Rica (50/1)
Group E France (4/5) Switzerland (5/2) Ecuador (4/1) Honduras (28/1)
Group F Argentina (1/5) Bosnia-Herzegovina (6/1) Nigeria (10/1) Iran (40/1)
Group G Germany (2/3) Portugal (5/2) Ghana (9/1) USA (9/1)
Group H Belgium (4/7) Russia (12/5) South Korea (7/1) Algeria (22/1)