Scenes from the World Cup 2014 from Brazil

The Sounds & Scenes Of Brazil From The 2014 World Cup

World Cup fever has gripped the globe and nowhere more so than in the host nation Brazil. The pulses of all locals are at a fever pitch high. Everywhere you look there are Brazil flags fluttering in the wind. Wearing anything except for a yellow shirt is treason. Here is a small glimpse into the excitement the 2014 World Cup has brought this nation.

For a look at the reaction inside of Arena de São Paulo where the opening game of the 2014 World Cup on July 12, 2014, in which Brazil won over Croatia 3:1 watch the following video of the only Croat in a 10 mile radius in a sea of yellow.

Here is a video from a São Paulo resident who filmed his neighborhood during the the game.

This is how my neighborhood sounds when Brazil scores in the World Cup from Claus Wahlers on Vimeo.

Croatia shocked the world and odds on favorites to win the 2014 World Cup Brazilians by taking an early 1-nil lead after Brazilian defender Marcelo scored an own goal off of a deflection. However, Brazil stormed back by scoring three straight goals for the win.

The next matchup for the 2014 World Cup host name has Brazil facing Mexico on Tuesday, June 17th at 3pm EST. Click here for live game odds.