Team USA is on their way to advancing from the Group Of Death in the 2014 World Cup thanks to Clint Dempsey's first minute goal Vs. Ghana

Updated 2014 World Cup Group Of Death Odds Have Changed

If you’ve been keeping up with the 2014 World Cup – and its captivating Group G ‘Group of Death’ then you know that several shocking events have taken place in the group that have quickly changed the odds of each team in their respective quests to advance to the knockout round.

This look at the updated odds for Group G will give you the expert insight you’ll need in order to make more competent wagers as the Group G action continues with this coming weekend’s pair of matches.

Before looking ahead, let’s take a look at what may be some little known Group of Death facts that date back to the 2002 World Cup.

The Group Of Death Winner Will Win With D

Portugal didn’t allow a single goal in group play during the 2010 World Cup while the Netherlands held their overwhelmed group rivals to just one goal in 2006. Back in 2002, England also held its Group of Death rivals to one goal before advancing, so clearly, there’s some precedence set for a strong defensive team.

Five To Stay Alive In The Group Of Death

If you earn five points in group play, you’re a lock to advance…it’s that simple. Getting less than five points in group play doesn’t assure you of anything except, maybe a nail-biting experience. During the 2010 World Cup, nine teams earned four points after group play, but only five of those teams advanced to the next round.

Okay, now here is a look at the most recent updated odds to win Group G, the aptly named ‘Group of Death’.

Updated Odds To Win The Group Of Death AKA Group G 

  • Germany -1600 
  • USA +800 
  • Portugal +2500 
  • Ghana +6600

Group Analysis: My pick to win the 2014 World Cup, Germany, is looking quite good after laying a huge 4-0 smackdown on stunned Portugal and superstar striker Cristiano Ronaldo on Monday. My pick for Golden Boot winner, Thomas Muller, isn’t off to a bad start with three goals either.

Speaking of Portugal, they’ve been called a one-man team before and that may prove to be more fact than fiction if this team doesn’t advance out of Group play.

The United States may have virtually guaranteed that they will advance to the next round after stunning underrated Ghana in its opening round match. Sure, the American squad has its weaknesses, but then again, which team, outside of Germany apparently, doesn’t?

The U.S. will have a real shot to beat Portugal when they meet the South American power this coming Sunday if you ask me.

Ghana will desperately look to avoid an insurmountable 0-2 hole when they take on Germany on Saturday and there’s no doubt that they’ll have their hands full. Still, this team is so athletic that something tells me they’re going to give the Germans a very tough way to go!

Right now, I believe oddsmakers have the odds just right as I like Germany first, followed by a surging U.S. team. I would pick Ghana over Portugal, but their loss to the United States, combined with a second round match against mighty Germany may very well spell doom for them.