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In an effort to provide you with the most enjoyable online poker experience, we've included some software features. As we are continually working to add and improve the software features, new additions will be listed below, as they are made available.

Player Image:
Along with your screen name, you can select a player image that will give you an identity while playing at the tables. The image you select can be scaled and resized to fit the player plaque. The feature to select your image can be found under the 'Tools' menu in Sportbet Poker software. Full details on the 'Select Player Image' process can be found here.

Player Statistics:
As you play at the tables, statistics are kept on all of your actions. This allows you to analyze your play in real time or after your poker session. You will find this feature at the table by clicking the 'Stats' link near the bottom left hand corner of the table window.

Stats are kept for all games. At the start of each session, your new session's stats will be added to your previous session's stats. Depending on how you wish to use your stats, you may want to reset your stats by clicking the 'Reset' button in the bottom right hand corner of the Stats display.

Opponent Notes:
One key component to playing poker is knowing how your opponent may act in specific situations. To keep track of a player's style when playing in Sportbet Poker Room you will be able to keep notes on all your opponents.

When at any table, select the 'Notes' button near the bottom left corner. You can then select the player's screen name from the drop down menu to display the notes you have for that player. If you have not taken any previous notes, you can enter them now for future reference.

Another way to access player notes for a particular player at a table, is to right click on the player. Select the 'Edit Player Notes' from the drop down menu. The bottom right hand corner will automatically take you to the notes for that player.

All notes that you keep are stored on your computer so that only you will ever be able to see them. Notes taken during one game session will be there for subsequent game sessions that you play on the same computer.

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