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Shark Tank Poker offers players the option to use an image to represent them at the table. The image you choose can be scaled and resized to fit in the player plaque. To upload an image, follow the instructions below:

In the lobby, click on the "Tools" menu at the top. Choose "Select Player Image".

In the "Select Player Image" window, click "browse" - How to find and save an image from the Internet.

Navigate your desired image file on your computer. Click on that file, and press "Open". *

* The image must be in one of the following formats - .jpeg / .jpg / .gif / .bmp **

Back in the "Select Player Image" window, click "Upload Image" to transfer the file to Sportbet server.

Now, refine your image. Use the image selector box to choose your image area. Clicking and dragging the corner arrows toward or away from the center can resize this box. Your final name plaque can be previewed on the right.

Once you are satisfied with the image in the plaque, press "OK".

Please consider your image selection carefully. Your player's image and screen name make up a big part of your online identity, and will be recognized by other players in Sportbet community. As such, Sportbet policy is to only allow only one change of image per player.

As well, Sportbet reserves the right to deny any image selections that could be considered offensive or inappropriate. In this case, players will be required to select a more suitable image for use.

Congratulations! Your player plaque is complete! Let's play some poker!

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