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Shark Tank Poker Room


Test your skills against one of the top US facing poker networks.  This network is where the best of the best American players hone their craft.  If you're a loser or recreational player, you'll need to learn fast at these tables. Enter if you dare, the Sharks are extremely hungry! 

Several different game variations as well as cash games and tournaments are available to you 24/7.  Download the free software now to play for real money or free play money.

You will find all the features you are looking for like resizable tables, bounty and knockout tourneys, a huge selection of games and so much more. And don't forget to check out our monthly Shark Tank Room promotions. Plus our Exclusive Poker Promos.

Online poker comes to life in the Shark Tank Poker Room (old Sporbet Poker Room) Customize your individual poker player from a variety of virtual characters that not only look like real players, but also move and react to every hand like real players.  Then get ready to play along with up to ten real people, not the house. 

Join other players at the Texas Hold’em tables, poker tournaments and enjoy the poker action 24/7!  Download our free software now to play for real money or free play money.  Then get ready to play along with up to ten real people, not the house.  Find out more on how to get started in Sportbet Poker Room.

In addition to incredible Texas Hold’em and Omaha action, here are some of the new and improved features you will enjoy in the Shark Tank Poker Room:

Resizable Tables and Cascading Tables – Multi-tabling just got easier.  Adjust the size of your table to fit multiple tables on your screen or use our Cascading option to play as many tables as possible.

Bounty/Knockout Tournaments – When you take on poker pros in our famous bounty tournaments, the bounty will awarded to your balance as soon as you bust them.

Re-Entry Tournaments – These new tournaments allow you to re-register for the same tournament after you’ve busted out. Learn more about Re-Entry Tournaments.

New Player Points System – Our new points structure allows you to earn 5.5 points for every $1 in rake. Learn more about the New Player Points System.

7 Card Stud – In addition to being able to play Texas Holdem and Omaha, you can try your luck at our new 7 card stud tables.  Learn more about the rules and instructions on how to play 7 Card Stud.

32 Card Poker – Also known as "stripped deck poker", this new addition allows for fast action and premium hand selection that’s sure to blow you away.  Learn more about the rules and complete instructions on how to play 32 card poker.

Fold/Show Functionality – Never ever fold the winning hand again.  Our improved software will warn you when you may potentially fold your hand when it’s free to check or show it down.

Straddle Tables – Want more action?  Try our new straddle tables.  A straddle is a live bet that effectively becomes the "bigger blind".  Action begins with the player to the left of the straddle.  The straddler has the last option to make his decision pre-flop.  The addition of the straddle makes for bigger pots and wilder action.

Chop Pots – Our improved software now allows you to chop the blinds on tables with 3 or more people.  If all players have folded to the blinds, our improved product allows the two players in the blinds the ability to pull back their bets and chop the blinds.

Short Handed Tournaments – We’ve added short-handed tournaments to our new revamped tournament schedule.  You can now play tournaments with anywhere from 2-9 players at each table.

Time Based Tournaments – Now you don’t have to be the last man standing at the end of the tournament to win, you just need to be chip leader when the clock times down to zero.  For example, in an hour-long event, the player with the most chips at the end of 60 minutes wins.  This is a terrific option for players with time constraints who may not have time to play for hours on end.

We have also made improvements to the time bank, late registration, player statistics and so much more.  Check out these new features… find your seat in the Shark Tank Poker Room today!

Be sure to check out our monthly Shark Tank Poker Room promotions for the most up to date promotions available.

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