Mad Bonus Casino Promotion

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The madness made it to the Bonus Casino! Get up to a 100% Mad Bonus on deposits of $100 to $250 (on eligible accounts).

You choose your Mad Bonus amount! Your deposit of $100 up to $250 (on eligible accounts) will receive a huge bonus that can be used for play in Sportbet Bonus Casino.

All New Account and Reload Bonuses are manually approved and entered into the system by our Customer Service Staff. You must contact Sportbet via Live Chat , e-mail or over the phone within 24 hours of your deposit being captured to have your promotion entered.

To use your Bonus Casino Reward on Sportbet Bonus Casino, you must click on the "Bonuses" tab from the left menu and then click on "Show" on the Bonus Play you have available. Once the Bonus Casino Reward has been released (rollover met), the "Bonuses" tab will disappear from your account.

Once the Bonus rollover requirement has been met, the earnings from your Bonus Play will be applied as a Cash to your Sportbet account. Bonus Casino Promotion earnings can be used to play in any of the features offered by Sportbet: Sportsbook, Casinos, Raceboooks, Lottery, Poker or Skill Games.

Bonus Casino Promotions that run out of Bonus money before the rollover is completed are considered closed and cannot be reactivated. The bonus will be removed by the system at its expiration date.

Bonus Casino Promotions have a 30 day expiration date after applied, if rollover has not been completed in that period, the promotion will be eliminated from the account and cannot be reposted.

This reward can be earned in addition to any of the standard Sportbet Bonus Programs and it is available in the Bonus Casino only. Deposits receiving a Mad Bonus Casino Promotion are not eligible for the Grand Casino Free Spins Bonus, or any other bonus directly associated to a reload and not to a Bonus Program.

Account balance and bonus play balance must be at zero before an account can be eligible again for a Bonus Casino Bonus. Sportbet reserves the right to change or eliminate this offer at any time from any or all clients. Sportbet Free-Play and Bonus Rules apply to this promotion.

For more information on the Bonus Casino Madness promotion visit our Incentive and Promotions FAQ or contact Customer Service via Live Chat.