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All match-ups have action after both drivers have crossed the start/finish line at the beginning of the race. Events must be completed within one week of the scheduled final date to have action (unless otherwise noted). Formation and/or warm-up laps are not considered for betting purposes.

The driver to win bets must have 60% of the racing field start the race for action. Wagering options with multiple winners must have 80% of the racing field start the race for action.

Propositions bets for Finishing Position have an over/under format. For 12½ finishing position totals, when the driver finishes 6th, bets posted on the UNDER will be graded as winners.

All wagers are graded immediately at a race's conclusion. Unofficial results at that time are used for grading purposes. Official results reflect disqualifications and position penalties that are not recognized for wagering purposes.

A match-up involving both drivers exiting a Formula 1 race on the same lap will be graded as no action.
If an alternate driver replaces a driver during a race, the new driver replaces the old driver in all match-ups, propositions, and futures wagers. The new driver's finishing position is credited to the old driver.

If a driver's name and car number do not match due to an error or number change, action will be given based on the driver's name.

A driver vs. driver match-up may have a position handicap. If the number is positive (+), then you subtract that number of positions from that driver's finishing position. If the number is negative (-), then add that number of positions to that driver's finishing position. The driver with the lower finishing position after the handicap is applied is the winner.

"Two on One" match-ups involve two drivers being matched up against a single driver in a race. For the lone driver to win, the lone driver must finish the race ahead of both paired drivers. For the paired drivers to win, only one of the paired drivers needs to finish ahead of the lone driver.

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